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After illuminating a former department store in Munich the AllColoursAreBeautiful project ( ) will are present at the congress. The project started when we had the opportunity to illuminate an empty building with RGB lights behind the windows. The public was invited to create animations using our web based editor.

At the congress we built a matrix of colour bricks for you to play with. There's an editor to draw animations and a streaming interface to allow more interactive or generated animations.

Acab is located in room B01 in middle of the ground floor.



The editor (acabed)

You can draw your own animations and submit them to our system using acabed. It can be found under . After submitting your animation, it will be played once immediately and then it will be choosen at random between other animations. We will provide a link (HTTP request) to trigger the playback of your movies later on. Each time you save the animation to our server, there will be a new instance created. We might change this behavior to be overwriting in the feature.

The streaming interface (abracadabra)

The acab installation supports streaming over tcp. There is a python library available at . To prevent potential abuse you must confirm your streaming request on our public terminal that is standing near the installation after connecting your client.

Other software

The hardware

The hardware is based on our so called moodlamp, an Atmega8 based board that supports the RS485 wired bus and can optionally be fitted with an rf-module or an IR receiver. The rows of the installation each represent an RS485 bus segment. They are connected to a master moodlamp which itself is connected to our laptop using a usb-serial converter. The RGB-Leds consume up to 3W each and have to be mounted on a passive cooler. More information on the moodlamp can be found on our wiki


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