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What the hell is Telecomix?

Telecomix is a socicyphernetic jellyfish organisation dedicated to the freedom and independence of both cyber- and cipherspace.

Attending agents

   * Etu - GPG Key
   * jaywalk - contact (irc/email/gpg/i2p-bote)
   * Chrisk - christopher dot kullenberg at gmail DOT com, GPG-key
   * adisbladis - adisbladis at m68k dot se
   * Pettter - pettter @ - GPG key
   * DrWhax - DrWhax @ - Contact+GPG
   * Lejonet - lejonet @
   * MMN-o - MMN-o @ GPG

The Telecomix System

Telecomix was originally created by a group of agents as a method to interact with the European Union and to direct the union towards a more open society. Telecomix has been a consultive body for the implementation of IPRED1, the European Telecoms Package and various other laws. Telecomix has also been involved in helping dissidents in Iran, China and the rest of the world make their voices heard.

Telecomix is a name used by both WeRebuild and Telecomix. WeRebuild is a collaborative project used to propose and discuss laws as well as to collect information about politics and politicians. The Telecomix is the operative body that executes schemes and proposals presented by the WeRebuild. Summary of actions

The Telecomix cluster has come to the conclusion that there are mainly two methods to guarantee free speech. The first method is to work with lobbyism against politicians in the European Union and the respective leaders of the member nations in order to help them with the legislative process. The other method to guarantee free speech is to use encryption, which was the reason why the Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau was formed. The first method is currently the primary modus operandi of this organization.

Telecomix serves to offer its practices and processes as tools for other clusters of activists to freely use. These tools come in the form of tutorials, manuals, and collaborative performances which are inclusive to all interested in participating and receiving open, creative inspiration towards realizing ideals.

The spirit of collaboration is also strongly shared through hypersensitive interactions that prioritize emotional ideals such as love of creative communication and playfully intelligent fun. As such, Telecomix IRCocracy or friendocracy serves to welcome and nurture all those venturing into its association for refreshment, playfully energetic commaraderie and spontaneously serious dedication to engaging with vitally important trends and issues as soon as they arise.

Telecomix DNS

The development of Telecomix DNS is getting a boost from more people joining and fresh ideas, we have no roadmap for getting the system online but the more people that joins in on the werebuild wiki the faster it goes.:)

Current status is a good understanding of what we want to have, that will be presented during 27C3, and many server owners/administrators standing by to offer recursive and authoritative DNS's for the system.

Tinks at 27C3

  • OpenPGP instructions and random key-sharing parties
  • monkeysphere (OpenPGP web of trust replacement for CA hierarchies) and other web of trust experiments
  • Possibly Makerbot
  • Random quick hack sessions (software, hardware, society)
  • On-demand workshops on I2P and Tor networking



  • January 11 – WeRebuild.EU is founded
  • April 19 – First boot. A handful of people started the IRC-channel #telekompaketet and the wiki to collect information and act for a fair deal in the telecoms package process. This wiki has since then evolved into a repository of political and technical knowledge, as well as information on current operations and to-do-lists.
  • April – Agents participate in the Embassy of Piracy.
  • April, May – Telecoms package interventions. The struggles motivated agents to work hard on a complicated political process.
  • May – Agents attend and perform in the Art of the Overheads festival in Malmö
  • June – Interventions during the Iran Election. Ciphertunnels used to guarantee free speech to Iranian dissidents were constructed and given away for free. At the same time, the Telecomix News Agency reported about the demonstrations in Iran. Telecomix also participated in helping the Anonymous movement to put together a forum for helping people to treat injuries resulting from the confrontations between demonstrants and the Iranian police force.
  • June – Agents attend the Swedish Pirate Party election night parties in Malmö and Gothenburg.
  • July – Agents attend and host hackers social event Hacknight #1 in Malmö. Further visits and talks are made to all european Internet-security congresses this summer (Hacking at Random NL, PlumberCon AT).
  • Summer of Datalove.
  • Treatise on Jellyfish Memetics, Telecomix Jellyfish Ensemble and Teleflow.
  • Autumn – Telecomix and Werebuild wrote the Report on Openness and handed it over to the Swedish government. As a result of this Telecomix Agents was invited to a seminar with the current regime and their department of Energy, Infrastructure and Telecommunications to further discuss the topic.
  • September 1st. No Google Day.
  • Autumn – Telecomix agents intervene in the Telecoms Package in a seminar in Brussels arranged by the Swedish Pirate Party and the Green Group.
  • October-November Agents attend Juliagruppen’s Nät och Samtal. Juliagruppen is a group that promotes discussion about internet culture, openness and regulations.
  • Agents attended and talked at FSCONS about network neutrality. (See this and this)
  • December – Agents meet in 26th Chaos Communication Congress Berlin.


  • February – The operations #shedstream and #greenteaparty are executed after the German implementation of the data retention directive was deemed illegal by the federal constitutional court.
  • February – Project Icelove is executed.
  • March – Project Voddlergate is executed.
  • March – Telecomix agents participate in the Festa dei Pirati in Rome. Speeches are held about securing data communications and the future of the interwebs infrastructure. Also a ciphertunnel is dug outside the Parliament building to make a proof of concept that the Berlusconi regime can not censor the internet. A report from the event can be found here.
  • March, April – Censilia
  • April – Agents Rick Roll Ung Pirats förbundskongress 2010
  • April – Agents celebrate first boot burfday with caek.
  • April – The Telecomix Cryptographic Operating System was released. This software provides a simple to use platform for secure communications. The operating system is targeted against political dissidents, but anyone can of course use it. It is available for free download here.
  • May – A Telecomix Agent was invited to Brussels to speak about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) arranged by the Green Group in the European Parliament.
  • June – Smile29
  • July – The Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau is hosting the Summer of Cipher Assembly, a group of seminars and lectures spanning two days about computer security, politics and cryptography for the purpose of securing communications channels.

Links to our projects


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