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CAcert is a community-driven Certificate Authority enabling users to issue client- and server SSL certificates for free on the basis of a web of trust.


Plans for 27c3

As with every event, we would like to put up a booth where people can get information about CAcert and be assured (i.e. have their identities verified by us so they can start issuing certificates). For this, we need some space for 4 seats (we need at least 3 assurers to get a new user fully verified) and table(s) for our equipment, material, etc. Some chairs on "the other side" of the table would be a nice gimmick.


@PylonC over on Twitter reports he has spotted a table labeled CAcert on the ground floor. No information from the "officials" yet, but probably that's where we're supposed to be...


You can contact magu or Natureshadow, the CAcert event coordinators for 27c3, by email using the links provided beforehand.


The following wiki-users have added themself to the group of assurers on the congress: Category:CACertAssurer

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