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The Blinkenarea will show a lot of blinking/flashing projects and sell construction kits for some of the projects.

Space needed

Contact for 27C3 orga: arne

Participant Space needed
arne 3 tables (0.5 for me, 1.5 for projects, 1 for visitors soldering kits), please make it 3 actual tables, not two 1.5-size ones!
2 chairs (1 for me, 1 for visitors)


On the first floor, opposite of the POC.

Kits available

These kits will be available at 27C3 for about the price of the parts. If there is enough space (and tables), I will offer a small workshop where you can solder your kit, one person at a time (I only have one soldering iron).

All kits that use a microcontroller contain a pre-programmed one, so you don't need to have an AVR programmer.

Picture Name Description Difficulty Price
Ornamatrix6.jpg OrnaMatrix 7x5 pixel dot matrix display which can display a scrolling text message. The message is programmable via RS232 (cable included) and there is also experimental support for optical programming (see project page) which may or may not work. Batteries not included, 3x AA required. Very Easy 10 Eur
AKL-Atmel.jpg AKL-Atmel non-SMD version of AKL-Mini (see below), easier to solder. Batteries not included, 2x AA needed. Easy 10 Eur
AKLM.jpg AKL-Mini Small heart consisting of 18 red LEDs which displays several animations, some of which with fading. This version will fit into a matchbox. Kit includes a CR2032 button cell battery. Intermediate (SMD) 10 Eur
LED23.jpg LED-23 The number "23" formed by 19 LEDs which display several animations. If you have an ATTiny11 programmer, you can change the animations. The kit contains 10 red and 10 yellow LEDs. Batteries not included, one 9V battery required. Easy 10 Eur
MaxiBlink.jpg MaxiBlink Matrix consisting of 24 colourful LEDs displaying 1023 different patterns. This kit looks a bit like the front panel of a very old computer ;-). It uses a maximum length sequence shift register (no microcontroller). See project page for a video. Batteries not included, 3x AA needed. Easy 12 Eur
Dotblox.jpg DotBlox 8x8 Matrix with connections on all 4 sides so several modules can be connected. Example software is available, but you are encouraged to write your own, especially if you want to use communication between modules. The kit contains an ATMega168 controller with lots of Flash memory for your applications. You will need an AVR programmer for this kit as the pre-programmed demo software isn't very useful. You also need a suitable power supply (5V, 650mA per DotBlox module). Only a few kits left! intermediate (but no SMD parts) 23 Eur (red LEDs)
Blplus.jpg BlinkenLEDs Plus BlinkenLights clone with 144 LED display, can play movies from microcontroller flash, RS232 MCUF stream or SD card (compatible to Blinkstroem Advanced, supported file formats are BS2.BIN and BML, currently working on BLM support). Also can output an MCUF stream so you can display the same on several BlinkenLEDs Plus kits with only one SD card, or you can use the BlinkenLEDs Plus as a Master to send a stream to Blinkstroems. PCB size: 160x100 mm (stack of 2 PCBs, all screws and bolts included). Kit contains a 256MB SD-Card and a power adapter (wide input voltage 100V-240V). intermediate (no SMD parts apart from SD card slot) 45 Eur (red or green LEDs)
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