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About brmlab

Brmlab is first hackerspace in Czech republic founded in Prague June 2010. We are already working on many projects, meeting regularly, organizing workshops.

Brmlab laser projector

Brmlab laser.jpg

We'd like to present one of our active projects, DIY RGB Laser projector, which was connected to the computer via proprietary hardware and driven by proprietary software. We are now working on open source variant of that software, expanding posibilities of both, hw and sw. Next step would be probably design our own hardware.

We are now able to quickly process SVG, GML and ILDA formats. We have yet another funny things we can do with projector like display analog clock wallsaver, play Pong or Rocket game, publish source of our client sw and let people draw remotely and simultaneously. On of the other ideas is make an webpage where CCC visitor can draw what he/she likes, click Publish and that picture will be published via Laser projector. We can also have a webcam to stream results.


We need about at least 6 seats and a table for the laser projector. notebook and people taking care of it. Actually 11 of our members going to 27c3. Laser projector doesnt need to be on chair necessarily, actually is better to have it at some higher place.

Day 1 - WE ARE IN A04 in the basement (Mitch Altman's room)

Day 2 - WE ARE IN A04 in the basement (Mitch Altman's room)

Day 3 - WE ARE IN A03 in the basement (next to Mitch Altman's room)


The project is driven by:

  • Felipe Sanches, Garoa Hacker Clube, São Paulo
  • TomSuch, brmlab
  • Czestmyr, brmlab
  • AxTheB, brmlab
  • ruza, brmlab
  • stick, brmlab


Brmlab can be reached via [1]. or one of the project members via [2].

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