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We have recordings! See Documentation for details.


Full Tickets

Since we want to avoid long delays at the entrance and don’t want to regulate the demand by price, we’ve decided that all fulltime tickets are available only through presale.

Category Price
Standard 70 EUR
Nachwuchs (Birthday after 26.12.1992) 25 EUR
Members of the CCC e.V. 45 EUR
Business 250 EUR
Day Passes
Daytickets would be available from day 2 onwards at the Cashdesk.(no Daytickets on Day 0 and Day 1)
The cash desks opens at 8.00 in the morning.
Category Price Comment
Standard 30 EUR
Nachwuchs 10 EUR up to the age of 18 (Birthday after 26.12.1992)
Members of the CCC e.V. 20 EUR
Night Passes
Night passes can be purchased each day at around 23 PM and are valid until 08:00.
Category Price
Everyone 8,00 EUR
About the Tickets
Children under 12 in attendance of an adult get in for free.
A single person officially accompanying a handicapped person gets in for free.

Supporter/Business Tickets
Including the good feeling to have supported a good cause. If you or your employer want to support our event, please consider buying one of these tickets. We try hard to keep the normal tickets very cheap. Financial sponsoring helps us in achieving this aim. By offering Supporter and Business Tickets we try to provide you with a convenient way of supporting us that usually does not even require involvement of your company's marketing department. All tickets come with an invoice, the Business Ticket even includes a small surprise welcome package. Another possibility to support the congress is a tax-deductible donation or sponsoring, please contact 27C3-orga at for further information.
We are eager to support the young generation, so we think it's fair to say that everybody up to the age of 18 (Birthday after 26.12.1992) can be considered the “Nachwuchs“. Please bring a (sufficiently convincing fake of a) document, in case we are in doubt about your age.
Members of the press have to pay the same Entrance Fee as any other participant and are obliged to carry a badge with the word "PRESS" on it, clearly visible. The IDs will be issued at the entrance. See the Eintrittsregelungen für Pressevertreter for further information.


Reservation is not needed for normal participants, but we offer presale tickets only. Only the press is kindly asked to register in advance. See the Press pages for details.
Tickets reserved on the presale system have a payment deadline of 14 days, after which they go back into the ticket pool. You can cancel a ticket until we've generated the PDFs (approx. 2 weeks before the conference), but explicitly so and without resale. You can only buy two tickets per presale account, if you want to come in a group of five or more and want to pay together, get in touch (no more group orders available:
You can pay for you tickets in cash, several Erfakreise in Germany and friends in Holland have opened cash desks. Please refer to this list for opening times and addresses.
Opening Hours of the Cash Desk
The cash desk will open at 17:00 on 26 December and will remain open (except 00:00 - 08:00) until 30 December. Experience has shown that there's always a long queue between 11:00 and 13:00 on the first day of the congress.


Invited press, guests and speakers may jump the queue at the main entrance to be welcomed by the entrance supervisor and receive their tickets. If you are press without invitation, please don't jump the lane, you'll have to queue again to buy a usual ticket.

If you have further questions concerning the tickets please read more about the different tickets and further notes below. If your question is still not answered, write to 27c3-orga (at)

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