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Location.png In front of the bcc - Photo by Thosch66

The Congress takes place at Berliner Congress Center (bcc) at Alexanderplatz (online map). The Alexanderplatz train station can be reached by S-Bahn, U-Bahn and regional trains. Check the page on Travel for more information.

The Berliner Congress Center is located southeast of Alexanderplatz. Leave the train station at exit "Alexanderplatz" and turn north, pass along the World Time Clock and proceed to the pedestrian crossing at Grunerstra├če and cross Alexanderstra├če afterwards. Then you stand in front of the bcc.

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The building is divided into three floors, named A, B and C - which are cellar, ground floor, and first floor, respectively:

 Ebene/Floor A = "downstairs" = basement / cellar
 Ebene/Floor B = ground floor
 Ebene/Floor C = "upstairs"   = first/upper floor

Floor A (cellar) contains one of the workshop rooms, A03. The other, B04, is on Floor B.

Floors B and C each provide a central room which is surrounded by a ring.

Floor B has another area attached which contains more rooms.

The conference takes place in the rooms "Saal 1" (C01) on Floor C (upstairs), and "Saal 2" (B05-B07) and "Saal 3" (B08-B09) on Floor B (ground floor).

An elevator connects all floors.

An explanation of the various areas can be found on page Facilities.

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