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What we do at 27C3

we come to create a search portal for the congress FTP servers. We will scan the intranet and put everything we can find into a search index. But the best thing is: this search engine is a nice download-helper! Please see the 'how to use a search engine as mass-download tool' demo video.

Special FTP Search Engine for 27C3

  • the FTP crawler scans the given IP range every 10 minutes and adds all new appearing ftp servers to the directory scanner
  • FTP servers that do not appear again or don't let in anonymous users are listed as 'not available'. They are not removed from the search index but they are removed from search results until the next network scan starts. This ensures that only files are listed which are actually downloadable.
  • the FTP scanner does not re-list all the directories every time a network scan is made. The listing is done far less frequently to avoid load on the FTP servers

Project Background

YaCy is a peer-to-peer search engine (and free software). We want to create a technology for decentralised web search and YaCy is a search appliance that can share search indexes using a peer-to-peer protocol. YaCy is for web search what file sharing is for document exchange. To understand how it works you may watch a YaCy talk given at FOSS ASIA 2010.

What we need

  • we DO NOT NEED a table or seats, but
  • we would like to have a safe place to lock in our search server (nearby a switch)


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