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Gentoo Linux

Yes, we will be there!
Compiling all the way ...

Local Server

RSYNC: aka

Project Coordinator:

We are located at the first floor (Floor C) near the stairs, check the Floorplans for details.

What we provide

We don't just sit around, instead we offer ...

  • Help on installing or upgrading Gentoo
  • Local Rsync Server - Latest and regularly updated Portage tree and mirrors of some popular overlays
  • Mirror for installation media - Latest ISOs and Stagefiles
  • Ebuild hacking - Ever wanted a package not included in the main tree to be in your local overlay? And WTF are those overlays you keep talking about?
  • Security bug filing - We will tell you how to do it, and show you the Gentoo Security Team workflow. Ask craig and a3li when they are at the desks.

Who will attend?

  • codejunky
  • Gorba
  • a3li
  • sping
  • Craig (Will be there, but rarely at the gentoo table. Search him in the dark lair called "hackcenter")
  • Mutax (Craigs' rules apply: Search him in the dark lair called "hackcenter" or call DECT-2372 )
  • chithanh
  • andy (dect-tel vanity code "andy")
  • esc (apparently)


I'm not sure if I will bring along a Mirror/RSync server like last year, since it wasn't used really much. Besides, available congress bandwith should be sufficient. For people willing to check out or install Gentoo on location, we could have a few LiveDVDs and installation media (e.g. USB-Sticks with sysrescue) lying around. (Plasma 17:22, 10 October 2010 (CEST))

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