TDRM — Tihange Doel Radiation Monitoring

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Description The nuclear power plants Tihange and Doel in Belgium have had many faults in the past few years. We have built a network of sensor stations to monitor radiation, with already 20 fully operational monitor stations in the field! Our website displays current readings of radiation near the power plants and in Aachen. In this Lightning Talk, we'll describe the situation and show you how we used Raspberry Pis to build our own sensors.
Slides will be provide via mail
Tags nuclear power plant, radiation, monitoring, raspberry pi, fiff, akw, strahlung, messung
Person organizing Teutelbier
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 3
Desired timeframe middle, end


We, a group with members of the FIfF e.V. (Computer Professionals for Peace and Social Responsibility), the AAA (Aachen Alliance against Atomic Power) and IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War), built a network of sensor stations to monitor radiation. The TDRM network is destined for the monitoring of atmospheric radioactive radiation in the Tihange-Doel-Aachen area. With first sensor stations installed in the field the network is actually operated testwise. Its Website offers a geographical overview of the positions of installed sensor stations, a survey of present readings, and detailed temporal representations of the radiation level. Citizens—Belgians, Dutchmen or Germans—shall, at any time, be able to keep an eye on the current state of environmental radioactive radiation in the areas potentially affected by a nuclear accident. It is our mission to instigate, by means of our approach, authorities and political bodies to strive for more transparency also on their side.