Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give!
Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick! To get an idea what Lightning Talks are about and how they work, look at last year's sessions at [1].


Lightning talk registrations are open! Click "Create lightning talk page" on the navbar to the left and follow the instructions. Don't forget to mail us a link to your Lightning Talk page, as stated in the instructions. There is no registration deadline. We assign timeslots on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you plan on giving your talk on a specific day, submit your slides as soon as possible. Preliminary slides are okay, but remember to update them on the day before your talk. If you have any questions, please send a mail to the Lightning Talk team. We speak English and German.


Lightning talk sessions are offered on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of the congress, in Hall G. Each sessions starts at 12:45 and ends at 15:00. There will be a break of 15 minutes from 13:45 to 14:00 in each session.

Below is the schedule of the given lightning talks.

Day 2

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning Talk Introduction
Day 2, 12:45
This is the introductory talk at the beginning of each lightning talk session. We will briefly describe the whole lightning talk procedure and probably make some general announcements. Have fun!
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Day 2, 12:50
Most configuration managements are vast and enterprise-y. Holo is the distilled essence of configuration management.
software, configuration management Majewsky en - English
DemoBlaster: Building A LED Display Into A Translucent Briefcase
Day 2, 12:55
Introduction of a self-build demo-platform: a briefcase containing a 32x16 LED display, a matching controller, a Raspberry PI 2, and a power supply.
leds, demoscene SvOlli en - English
Plattform gegen Überwachung
Day 2, 13:00
Mit Überwachung geht die Selbstbestimmung der Gesellschaft und die Freiheit des Einzelnen verloren. Deshalb muss die Problematik der Überwachung mehr in die öffentliche Wahrnehmung gerückt und die Bürgerbewegung dagegen gestärkt werden. Das ist das Anliegen der Plattform gegen Überwachung.
überwachung, geheimdienst, datenschutz, informationelle selbstbestimmung, privatsphäre Thorsten de - German
How you can improve the fairness of hardware
Day 2, 13:05
At FairLötet, we believe that hackers have the power to change the imbalances created by globalisation. A bunch of nerds like us helped create a soldering wire that is free of human exploitation, so you’ll be able to do much greater things. In this talk we’ll try to give you some ideas.
fairhardware, making Xian en - English
Greenlight for makers
Day 2, 13:10
In most of current legal frameworks makers sharing instructions on modification and repair of patented devices may face legal threats. In order to prevent that, we are starting a discussion on a new legal framework – a patent exception for makers and making. It would cover non-commercial uses of patented solutions, their modifying, and sharing information with others both online and offline (within local communities). We called it “Greenlight”. The proposal of the Greenlight includes establishing a database where makers could publish their projects eligible for the framework's protection. By creating a non-compulsory central database, Greenlight would also improve the cooperation between makers and patent authorities. This would allow creating a new reliable source for patent examination.
makers, patents Nata en - English
Digital Stalking Response Protocol
Day 2, 13:15
There no simple go to place for real information wrt to protection and response to cases of digital stalking, but also the information needed is very country specific. However there are clear areas that need to be addressed, regardless of country, and we propose the creation of a Pan-European protocol on digital stalking which we will begin at a self organised session here at 32C3.
stalking Cataspanglish en - English
Day 2, 13:20
QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager. We have been developing this over the last year and are now on stable 1.x version. There is heavy use of the project in many places including the network team at techinc. We're always looking for feedback, feature suggestions and new translations!
gpg, qt, c++ Realitygaps en - English
NFCGate - NFC Hacking made easy
Day 2, 13:25
Inspecting NFC communication used to be annoying, so we built an app that lets you relay pretty much any NFC protocol using two Android phones, and we're giving it to you to play with.
nfc, android, hacking Malexmave en - English
Day 2, 13:30
sixfw is about building an easy-to-use, non-bloated firewall that thinks IPv6 first.
ipv6, network, firewall, router, opensource, bsd, openbsd Danrl en - English
Day 2, 13:33
Wi-Fi hacking often requires using a notebook which makes you look suspicous and is tedious. Using a smartphone is way more convenient. We build NexMon, which enables the monitor mode for the build in Wi-Fi chip of your Nexus 5
wifi, android, hacking, reverse-engineering DanielAW en - English
Lightning Talk Break
Day 2, 13:45
This is a 15 minute break in the middle of the lightning talk sessions. Go grab another caffeinated beverage, hack the planet, do whatever you like!
Gedsic en - English
Technische Aufklärung
Day 2, 14:00
Der Podcast aus dem Geheimdienstuntersuchungsausschuss des Deutschen Bundestag.
podcast, nsa, untersuchungsausschuss, snowden, aufklärung, bundestag FelixB de - German
Pressure Aided Cold Brew Coffee and Other Infusions
Day 2, 14:05
The best coffee is brewed cold. But waiting 48 hours for a cup? We use 25bar of N2O to extract the flavor in 45 minutes and end up with even more awesomeness, plus some nice side effects...
coffee, foodhacking, infusion Couchsofa, Neun, Halfur en - English
PRIMER: writing a story-based hacking challenge
Day 2, 14:10
Let's write some simple story driven exploit challenges to get people into the community, the way of thinking. Let's make them curious, teach them to look behind the scenes and question how things work.
hacking, web, storytelling Couchsofa en - English
Sonic Pi - electronic music and phat beats using ruby code
Day 2, 14:15
Sonic Pi combines an electronic synthesizer with a ruby interpreter to create a new kind of electronic instrument. Usable by school children ages 8 and up, it teaches how to code through the joy of making music. It comes pre-installed on Raspbian, but it can be used on any Linux, Windows or OS X computer.
music, ruby, education, algorave Hzulla en - English
Day 2, 14:20
RobustIRC is IRC without netsplits
irc, raft, software SECuRE en - English
Nordlicht: Video barcodes for navigation
Day 2, 14:25
nordlicht is a tool that converts video files into colorful barcodes. nordlicht is free software, supports a large number of styles, and is optimized for speed. It comes with a software library written in C that allows for easy integration into other programs.
video, software, navigation, interface Blinry en - English
Where did we lose The Dream?
Day 2, 14:30
The West as we know it is disintegrating before our eyes, paranoia is the new zeitgeist and the prayer of our time is "may tomorrow be no worse than today".

What doesn't blow you up will probably take your rights or put you in prison, every change is another tooth down on the ratchet. We have lost our way because we have lost our dream. Communism, Capitalism, even Facism were dreams.

But all of them have failed and without any vision for the future, we are left today grasping at pieces of these broken ideals.
Cjd en - English
Day 2, 14:35
Short introduction to Cider-CI and how it can be used to run continuous multi-service integration tests, build.
Eins78 en - English
Apps als Kunstwerke
Day 2, 14:40
Pinsel und Farbe oder doch Smartphone und Code? Apps in der Kunst, mobil, vernetzt, immer dabei.
zkm, app, mobile, smartphone, art Obelix de - German
Day 2, 14:45
Come to my talk! I will bring vegan candy!

This is about medical security. I will discuss the emergence of medical technology with new & critical concerns professional face as we seek to protect patient data.

  • Please feel free to email me this week with anticipated questions and I will be glad to prepare answers.
Taqlid : taqalid
Day 2, 14:50
This presentation is about repetition, emulation, and tradition in contemporary Islamic society. It explores these ideas through the lens of aesthetics and political affect on global Muslim culture. The goal is to understand certain patterns in Muslim youth culture and its articulation into political instability, and the intellectual causes of physical conflict.
isis Thoughtism en - English

Day 3

title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning Talk Introduction
Day 3, 12:45
This is the introductory talk at the beginning of each lightning talk session. We will briefly describe the whole lightning talk procedure and probably make some general announcements. Have fun!
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Day 3, 12:50
Day 3, 12:55
EasyRPG is an open source replacement of the RPG Maker 2000/2003 engine and editor. This talk gives a short overview about the history of RPG Maker 2000 and introduces EasyRPG Player, our reimplementation of the 2k/2k3 engine.
game, engine, emulator Ghabry en - English
Internet Radio Recorder
Day 3, 13:00
"… Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen sind nur ausgewählte Sendungen und Beiträge als Podcast verfügbar …"
internet, radio, recorder, podcast, audio, mp3, scrape, raspberry, rss, feed, software Mro de - German
Panopticon - a game of data & control
Day 3, 13:05
Panopticon is an open source game of data & control originally created for Brighton CryptoFestival. Learn more about the game, play it or fork it... Play Panopticon and become a data controller! build your data empire, the tallest tower from which to view the entire internet and control how content and personal data moves. You may have good intentions, or bad ones. Behind the virtual air we breathe are the people who control us – the battle for data and people’s very identities is being fought. What will YOU choose to do?
game Cataspanglish en - English
Day 3, 13:10
Geocoding is the technical process of transforming an address or description of a place into a geo coordinate. In order to do so effectively, we need to collect definitions of address and query formats from around the world.
openstreetmap, geo, i18n Thomersch en - English
Comparing mental models on cyber security
Day 3, 13:13
Different people have different understandings of cyber security. Based on this mental model these people might need different tools for work. My research tries to look at those differences and how this might be a factor in the design of a cyber security dashboard
cert, research, dashboard, mental model Dr.affe en - English
CloudFleet - Your Personal Data Center
Day 3, 13:18
I will present CloudFleet, a project that makes it possible to take back control over your own data
DoubleMalt en - English
Day 3, 13:23
openage is a free reimplementation of age of empires 2 using modern technologies.
openage, python, c++ Jj en - English
Day 3, 13:26
Kevin is a simple-stupid continuous integration service.
python, github, vm, ci Jj en - English
Day 3, 13:31
BalCCon 2k16 - Balkan Computer Congress has been conceptualized as a three day gathering of the international hacker community in the organization of LUGoNS – Linux users of Novi Sad and Wau Holland Foundation. The first part of the program has been envisaged to be a set of presentations, workshops and lectures on the current topics regarding privacy, technology, software development, free software & socio-political issues. Our goal is to gather all the communities from the region, continent and the World in an effort to hack, play, learn, pass knowledge and exchange experience. BalCCon aims to become the central hacker community in South East Balkan, as well as to provide the opportunity for all the people in this part of Europe to connect and to cooperate.
balccon, congress, hacker Jelena Georgijevic Krasojevic en - English
Breaking RSA with SDR
Day 3, 13:36
Common Laptops and desktops PCs are also vulnerable to Side-Channel attacks, what can be measured by SDR receivers.

In case of RSA with the Chinese Remainder Theorem it is possible to extract one of the secret primes to break RSA.

This talk will present a simple attack implementation based on GNURadio.
rsa, sdr, side-channel, dpa Bolek42 en - English
Day 3, 13:41
strichliste (ʃtʀɪçˈlɪstə, German word for tally sheet) is a tool to replace a tally sheet inside a hackerspace. It's mainly developed by members of the backspace ,hackerspace in bamberg. It’s aim is to provide a no-frills, easy-to-setup and -to-use solution for managing your organization’s snack bar.
strichliste, tally sheet, finance Schinken de - German
Lightning Talk Break
Day 3, 13:45
This is a 15 minute break in the middle of the lightning talk sessions. Go grab another caffeinated beverage, hack the planet, do whatever you like!
Gedsic en - English
Day 3, 14:00
Today, we can found a lot of software, Firewall that are able to intercept encrypted web traffic. We can found that kind of system in some company for exemple (Fortinet...). With CheckMyHTTPS, we offer the possibility to detect if an encrypted web traffic is intercepted.
ssl, tls, https, mitm, firefox, law, privacy Hugo Meziani en - English
Lets get out of the geek's den: Hacking ICANN and IGF and the like
Day 3, 14:05
'This is an introduction to how internet governance such as ICANN, IGF, and policy works, and how to *hack* it." Where can techies find the politicians, civil society members and others who have decisions making powers in making policy? In Internet governance venues such as IGF, you can meet and talk to those people that make the policies that seem never made sense. For example, you can meet those governments like the UK that want to ban encrypted messaging and argue with them whether not backdoors make any sense. After all, for more than 20 years encryption, we're pretty sure even the best government labs can't break what has been readily available, but there is still an assumption that governments can just make encrypted messages illegal! So, could techies tell Cameron why he cannot stop encrypted messaging by just banning services through passing a law? We think you can, by attending Internet Governance Forum and other similar internet governance forums, and by participating in various documents they produce, by telling them when they are wrong and the laws they want to pass are not possible to technically be implemented. You can also talk to those that come up with policies that affect the Domain Name System by participating at ICANN. Or even, if you can be bothered, get involved with policy-making! You can help the civil society and activists in better understanding the technical dynamics and perhaps come up with real solutions to problems such as limitation on freedom of expression. You can bring reality to those policy discussions, after all it is coders like you that actually know how the Internet works!
igf, icann, internet governance, policymaking Farzaneh Badiei en - English
OMEMO Encryption
Day 3, 14:10
OMEMO is an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end encryption which makes encryption usable for the masses.
xmpp, encryption, end to end, multi device, axolotl Strb en - English - Solving global issues by sharing solutions
Day 3, 14:15
5 is an open platform for individuals and NGOs to share and find solutions to global issues. Need to know how to run a refugee shelter, how to dig a well, or how to best help in a crisis as a private citizen? is (will be) for you. Want to help us make this happen? Come to this talk and find me afterwards!
world issues, refugees, volunteer, eleza, ngo, helping Pdow en - English
Day 3, 14:20
IDABuddy is a reverse-engineer's new best friend. It is a friendly assistant offering general tips and specific advice for reverse engineers.

If will be for you now all that Clippy, the Office Assistant, was for you in Microsoft Office.

A friend, an adviser, and a general nuisance.
ida, reverse engineering Tmr232 en - English
Day 3, 14:25
Kunst im Netz: Einfluss der digitalen Vernetzung.
zkm, art, ayos, browser, web Obelix de - German
Day 3, 14:30
A software tool that allows people to design digital circuits, compile them down to python and run them on their RaspberryPi using the GPIO pins to interact with the outside world.
python, raspberrypi, programming, logic, digital, software, code Grindhold en - English
Circles - basic income on the blockchain
Day 3, 14:35
Circles is a blockchain based currency that implements an universal basic income. To overcome the Sybil attack problem in a decentralized manner it uses web of trust like mechanics. The current implementation is based on Ethereum.
basic income, decentralization, bitcoin, ethereum, economy, cryptocurrency Mkoeppelmann en - English
Day 3, 14:40
I am working on some incentivized mesh network protocols. In an incentivized mesh network, routers are automatically paid by the network to forward packets. This eliminates the role of the ISP in providing internet service.
mesh, mesh network, ethereum, internet Jehan en - English
Day 3, 14:45
Universal payment channels allow for instant, programmable payments sent from one peer to another. Each individual payment does not involve a bank or a blockchain, meaning that they are faster and more scalable than any previous electronic payment method. The protocol is similar to the bitcoin lightning network, but it can use real money, and Turing-complete smart contracts. Individual payments are totally anonymous, and each member of the network knows very little about the others.
bitcoin, ethereum, anonymous, trustless Jehan en - English
Reactive Payment Routing
Day 3, 14:50
Reactive payment routing routes payments through a multihop payment channel network, such as the bitcoin lightning network, or a universal payment channels network. It is based on techniques used in AODV and Guntella, and finds the cheapest route for a payment, across currencies if necessary.
mesh, routing, payments Jehan en - English

Day 4

Due to wiki outage, not all Lightning Talks of Day 4 have their own wiki pages. The list below are all the talks on Day 4. After that, the table lists all the Day 4 lightning talks that have a wiki page.

#32C3 Lightning Talks Schedule for Day 4
Starttime , Title, Language
12:45, Lightning Talk Introduction (en)
12:50, Perl 6 is out for your programming enjoyment (en)
13:55, Monty and Python become hackers (en)
13:00, Modern security model for operating systems (en)
13:05, Pingtun - yet another ICMP tunnel (en)
13:10, Rootless ICMP (en)
13:15, Borgbackup (en)
13:20, Der gesamte E-Mail-Bereich (de)
13:25, State of the Void (en)
13:30, Android Intent Fuzzing Module for Drozer (en)
13:35, Lightning Talk Break (en)
14:00, PS4 Console Hacking 2015: Penguins on Aeolia (en)
14:05, IPFS - The Permanent, Distributed Web (en)
14:10, Open Source and the right side of the brain (en)
14:15, – Open Source Command-line for the Web (en)
14:20, Hackbases and Nomadism (en)
14:25, Wikidata Datengarten (de)
14:30, (en)
14:35, Encrypted Walkie Talkie Commnunication (en)
14:40, Food Hacking Base 2015 and beyond (en)
14:45, From Chemical Plant Protection to Digital Plant Protection (en)
14:50, Not just made in China (en)
title start duration description tags organizer language
Lightning Talk Introduction
Day 4, 12:45
This is the introductory talk at the beginning of each lightning talk session. We will briefly describe the whole lightning talk procedure and probably make some general announcements. Have fun!
lightning talk Gedsic en - English
Perl 6 is out for your programming enjoyment
Day 4, 12:50
The joint release of Perl 6 with GNU/Hurd was canceled: Perl 6 is scheduled to be released this Christmas. Enjoy a new feature-rich, expressive and multiparadigmatic language with optional and gradual typing. You will love the overhauled composable regular expressions.
perl, programming, christmas Iblech en - English
Monty and Python become hackers
Day 4, 12:55
A coding fairy tale: I'm working on a CC-licensed book project to teach children the wonders of programming and want to solicitate feedback.
education, python, book Carina en - English
Modern security model for operating systems
Day 4, 13:00
I will show how security requirements for modern operating

systems are fulfilled with usage of pre-existing Linux mechanisms, like LSM or DAC and new ones, like Cynara and Security Manager. You will have a chance to learn the security models implemented in some mobile devices, and get to know how well designed solution can provide security and privacy for whole

system, relieving efforts of 3rd-party developers.
security, operating systems Azdyb en - English
Pingtun - yet another ICMP tunnel
Day 4, 13:05
I implemented a ICMP tunnel and I would like present it to the world.

In the talk I will briefly discuss the history of ICMP tunnels and describe the popular implementations and their traits.

Finally, I will discuss the virtues of my implementation and the future plans for it.
icmp, covert, opensource Yannayl en - English
Day 4, 13:15
BorgBackup (short: Borg) is a deduplicating backup program. Optionally, it supports compression and authenticated encryption. The main goal of Borg is to provide an efficient and secure way to backup data. The data deduplication technique used makes Borg suitable for daily backups since only changes are stored. The authenticated encryption technique makes it suitable for backups to not fully trusted targets.
python, backup, crypto, deduplication, compression, software, cython, c Tw en - English
Der gesamte E-Mail-Bereich ist komplett von der Speicherung ausgenommen
Day 4, 13:20
Unsere App "Die Bundesposcht" schützt vor der anlasslosen Massenüberwachung durch die Internet-Provider, die dazu von der Bundesregierung verpflichtet wurden. Denn: "Der gesamte Email-Bereich ist komplett von der Speicherung ausgenommen".
surveillance, vorratsdatenspeicherung Seu, Lambda de - German
State Of The Void
Day 4, 13:25
Our annual talk. Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel. I give a brief introduction into Void and talk about what happened in the last year
linux, voidlinux, distribution Gottox en - English
Android Intent Fuzzing Module for Drozer
Day 4, 13:30
I will present an open source project developed in the last couple of months regarding an Android Intent Fuzzing module for Drozer.
android, security, fuzzing, intents Razvan Ionescu en - English
Lightning Talk Break
Day 4, 13:45
This is a 15 minute break in the middle of the lightning talk sessions. Go grab another caffeinated beverage, hack the planet, do whatever you like!
Gedsic en - English
Console Hacking 2015: Penguins on Aeolia
Day 4, 14:00
To boldly go where no penguin has gone before.
linux, embedded Marcan en - English
IPFS - The Permanent, Distributed Web
Day 4, 14:05
IPFS is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications and aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. It does this by offering a peer-to-peer distributed file system that in some ways is similar to the web, but could also be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm that is exchanging objects within one Git repository.
ipfs, p2p, hypermedia, merkledag, dht, cryptography, content addressable, protocol, network, swarm, filesystem, http Bilinearpairing en - English – Open Source Command-line for the Web
Day 4, 14:15
5 (formerly Serchilo) is a command-line enabling web searches, thus very suitable for command-line fans.

Once installed in the browser, users can search train connections, phone numbers or documentations with a simple keyword syntax: "db berlin, hamburg", "tel meier, dresden", "php strlen".

These shortcuts are organized in namespaces. Users get their own namespaces and can follow other namespaces. The code is free under the Affero GPL, the data CC-by-sa.
web, search, hacking Jorges en - English
Hackbases, Hacker Nomadism, etc
Day 4, 14:20
Hackbases<1> are open infrastructure you can live and hack in, for short, mid or long term. They started appearing after around 2011. They provide a foundation for nomadic hacker lifestyles full of excitement and international intrigue.

The talk comes from the experience of my last 4 years. I have been spending the cold half of the year mostly in the Lanzarote Hackbase<2> (CHT / and the warm half in European metropolae (Berlin, London, Paris, Hamburg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Helsinki, etc). I will also present some necessary systematics I am curating: the EU scene calendar<3>, maps<4>, list of spaces<5>, etc.

<1> <2> <3> <4>

hackbases, nomadism, lifestyles, freedom Dcht00 en - English
Wikidata, the encyclopedia by bots, for bots
Day 4, 14:25
Wikidata is the world's largest free general purpose knowledge base. As a Wikimedia-run sister project of Wikipedia, it provides machine readable information about just about anything.
open-knowledge, linked-data, wiki, knowledge-base Brightbyte en - English
Food Hacking Base 2015 and beyond
Day 4, 14:45
We will go through fhb activities during 2015 and discuss our future aims.
food hacking base, food hacking Algoldor en - English
From Chemical Plant Protection to Digital Plant Protection
Day 4, 14:50
From Chemical Plant Protection to Digital Plant Protection

The future of farming will be bee-friendly!

Talk about how low cost farm robots will replace chemicals for plant protection. Based on longer presentation delivered originally on December 1st 2015 at the European Landowners Organization Innovation Conference in Brussels
robot, pesticides, farming, digital plant protection Walter Haefeker en - English



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