Evolving Internet Transport

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Description The Internet works, we can move files across the network. Protocol development and deployment is hamstrung by ancient API's and middleboxes configure to let the minimum amount of traffic through. Developers need a new approach to accessing the network, libraries and tools adapt to network conditions.

We will present the current set of problems hampering development on the Internet and the Open Source NEAT System that aims to address them.

Slides https://erg.abdn.ac.uk/~tom/transportevolution-tj-33c3-lightningtalk.pdf
Website(s) https://neat-project.org, https://github.com/neat-project/neat
Tags internet, networking, internet transport, ietf, taps
Person organizing Adventureloop
Contact: tj@enoti.me
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 2
Desired timeframe middle