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Description A global project initiated by JPCERT and Cybergreen Initiative to measure the vulnerability of the internet. Motto: what you don't measure, you can't improve! "Pollution" analogy to risks on the net. Polution is a global problem. UDP amplification attacks are as well. It's something we need to solve together.
Tags remediation, metrics, cert, internet health, pollution
Person organizing Ipo2323
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 4

refresh is a global project initiated by JPCERT (Japan) and the Cybergreen Institute (US) to give network operators and the public tools and metrics to compare countries and ASNs how well they are doing when it comes to remediation and cleanup. Cleanup and remediation encompasses amongst other things the reduction of open recursive DNS server, open NTP server, SSDP etc. By cleaning up and securing these systems, every network operator helps in reducing the risk of DDOS attacks and other risks to the whole world.