Law Hacking: Fixing the new Radio Directive

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Description The new EU radio device directive (2014/53/EU) endangers more than "just" Freifunk - it could also be a barrier for research. We are looking for research groups from german institutions to co-sign a statement asking the Bundestag to fix a few glaring holes in the proposed implementation
Tags politics, law, research
Person organizing Malexmave, Jiska
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 2
Desired timeframe begin, middle, end


The EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) does not only endanger Freifunk with its potential ban on changing the firmware on wireless devices, it could also present a problem to researchers in a variety of fields. We have a PDF with an explanation of all problems we see with the law right here (in german).

We are looking for german research groups that want to co-sign a statement to the "Ausschuss für Wirtschaft und Energie" at the Bundestag, asking them to fix a number of the more glaring problems with the law. Sadly, not all problems can be fixed at the German level, but we can at least attempt to make the law less terrible by adding explicit exceptions for research, development and teaching, and ensuring that operating modified devices isn't illegal in itself. You can find the draft text of the statement (also in german, as PDF) right here.