Hacking Windows95

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Description Hacking Windows 95 should be easy in theory. In practice, finding working exploit tools against Windows 95 turned out to be a 3 day project. I will show critical authentication errors in Windows 95 which can be used remotely to guess the SMB password, and how this can be used to install a Netbus server on Win95 plus and gain remote code exec.
Slides https://tresor.it/s#fv-4dZequZRVJcE2rYqR1g
Website(s) https://jumpespjump.blogspot.hu/2014/02/hacking-windows-95-part-1.html
Tags hack, windows
Person organizing Zzzz
Contact: zoltan1.balazs@gmail.com
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 3
Desired timeframe middle