Mobile client of the Pentabarf / frab for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad.
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BarfBag is a client made for 29C3 for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad) to display & work with the Schedule on device. You will find the source in the GitHUB repo (see link on this page).


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Big Screenshot is here: Media:Barfbag 1 0 big.png
The App comes in any color of the congress (randomly chosen on each startup). ;-)
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    • Fahrplan (from pentabarf via XML)
    • Workshops (from Wiki via JSON)
    • Assemblies (from Wiki via JSON)
    • LIVE Videostreams (from external Server via XML/HTML)
    • Favourites with optional sync via iCloud
    • Offline caching (all data, comes preloaded with data from Dec 18th 2012)
    • Failsafe Datasources (backupserver kicking in if CCC-servers are down)
    • People Directory (Speakers with picture and profile)
    • Full list of Links (easily browsable) (all Links of all events combined)
    • TimeFocus for Fahrplan
    • Sharing of events/workshops/assemblies/favourites (via e-mail/twitter)
    • Autorefresh & Manual refresh (all/partial data)
    • Really random colortheme (from the 6 corporate)
    • CI font SourceCodePro
    • Nice descrambling on startup [2]
    • Reminders/Local Notifications [1]
    • Export/Import to calendar of device
    • Select different conferences (SIGINT, easterhegg, etc.)
    • Browse historic conference schedules
    • Visualized Timeline (for favourited stuff) [4]
    • Twitter Wall/Stream (for tags like #29c3) [3]
    • DiffVisualizer (Highlight new & updated for all entries)

Attention: Entries in red are planned features and not yet available. Numbers in [#] indicate priority right now.



Welcome, we appreciate you being interested in this app! Give us feedback in the discussion page on this wiki. If you want to use the app, then spread the word also to others which might be interested. Use e.g. the available Propaganda to tell them and link to this page often from e.g. your blog or mailinglist. Also give us feedback on stuff that matters to you most in regard to user experience. Just tell us in the discussion of this page.

Making the app popular will make it at the same time a strong candidate to also master the barf2frab-transition which will soon become important. Thx for using the app or compiling your own version of it directly from the source. We will take care during the time of congress to ensure the best functioning of the app possible. So you actually will get much more than an app, you will get caring service!


  • trailblazr (all the remaining stuff, did upload this thing to the AppStore)
  • plaetzchen (coding of search all fields in the app, added iCloud sync)
  • bithopper (unix scripts for setting up & operating failover-server)
  • karl bode (custom component for colorized accessory view)
  • $YOU are welcome to help with... still valid & wanted for future updates...
    • Designer to integrate some Map Overview of CCH area (see CCH Overview)
    • Accessability with VoiceOver Text-2-Speech
    • Localization to DE / EN /??
    • Design for some nice icon and artwork
    • QA for all the new stuff

Failover Infrastructure

We've setup some backup/failover infrastructure for the Fahrplan (XML-data and person-image-binarydata), and the Semantic Wiki Assemblies & Workshops (JSON-data). For the mobile clients to ensure always having access to the latest data we just added some cronjob to a dedecated machine which just does a refresh for all the structured data every 5 minutes and every hour for the binary (images) data. Don't get us wrong, we trust the infrastructure 100%, but you will see, that using the backupserver boosts your update speed by up to 5 seconds (feels like instant-ready™).

To access this failover-datasource use the following URLS:

Freshness of data will be ensured and can be checked as follows:

Source & Code

Developer Log

Date Events logged
22.-24.12.2012 Setup of workarounds for some issues/bugs which we are unable to fix now in the 1.0 release.
21.12.2012 App released to the AppStore. (Thank's Apple for this one time exceptional fast review.)
18.12.2012 4:20 a.m. upload to AppStore... Puhhhhh! now hope this thing will get approval in time. ...and YES this is just 14 days from first commit now.
17.12.2012 fixed a lot of nasty small issues (missing localization, configuration stuff, failover testing, stability of search and internal webbrowser)
16.12.2012 coded the hell out of the brain to make this fly in time for apple ereview
15.12.2012 search added,new streaming video controllers, searchfield now dimmed (was very bright/did hurt in the eyes before), more stuff is clickable and reveals useful infos, ...
14.12.2012 added personlist,linklist,images of persons,...
13.12.2012 added sharing of events/workshops/assemblies (title&link) and all stored favourites via twitter/email
12.12.2012 Implemented failover/failsafe functionality for fahrplan, wikidata & livestream info (masterconfig)
11.12.2012 App handles now favourites (add/delete) on local client & iCloud support for exchange/sync of favourited items between devices
5.-10.12.2012 Hardcore coding action: getting custom fonts & colors and always testing for iPad too
4.12.2012 Started development of app for mobile clients first gitHUB-commit


The pentabarf system is used to schedule all the events around the congress. Several apps were created already for e.g. 26c3,27c3 and 28c3. Those apps had all several limitations, one of them was that the apps were Chaos Communication Congress only apps, though the same datastructures can be used for other events too. This app should later on be developed further to be used for other events too (e.g. Datenspuren, SIGINT, easterhegg, etc.).


The working title for this project is BarfBag. This name sounds a little bit silly I know, but I found it to be really easily beeing spoken by anyone, it relates nicely to the mobile aspect of carrying data around in a "bag" and at the same time it relates nicely towards the name pentabarf. I do not actually know the story behind pentabarf's name. If someone who knows more about it reads this, please leave a comment in the discussion. I know the story behind the name, which is nice. For the 29C3 it is planned to put TWO apps on the AppStore which are both the same codebase of BarfBag but those Apps will be available under the names 29c3 and BarfBag so they will be more easily found by users/visitors of the congress.



In the past several solutions all around the so called "fahrplan" have seen the light of life. Here is a short (incomplete) overview.




In the near future the pentabarf will transition to the frab - free and open conference management system. All efforts now spent on the BarfBag will also ease crafting the barf-2-frab-transition. frab will also spit out JSON to consume, it will also handle events with titles, descriptions, people, links, starttimes, endtimes and so on. So everything crafted for the barf will rock on in the frab, too. That is some bright outlook to improve the mobile user experience for many, many conferences to come.


Infos about the upcoming Frab solution.


Archived page - Impressum/Datenschutz