ChaosVPN is a system to connect Hackers.
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ChaosVPN is a system to connect Hackers.

Design principals include that it should be without Single Point of Failure, make usage of full encryption, use RFC1918 ip ranges, scales well on >100 connected networks and is being able to run on a embedded hardware you will find in our todays router.

It should be designed that noone sees other peoples traffic.

It should be mainly autoconfig as in that besides the joining node no administrator of the network should be in the need to acutally do something when a node joins or leaves. If you want to find a solution for a Network without Single Point of failure, has - due to Voice over IP - low latency and that noone will see other peoples traffic you end up pretty quick with a full mesh based network. Therefore we came up with the tinc solution. tinc does a fully meshed peer to peer network and it defines endpoints and not tunnels.

ChaosVPN connects hacker wherever they are. We connect roadwarriors with their notebook. Servers, even virtual ones in Datacenters, Hackerhouses and hackerspaces. To sum it up we connect networks - maybe down to a small /32.

So there we are. ChaosVPN is working and it seems the usage increases, more nodes join in and more sevices pop up.

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