Life is a HoloDeck !
HoloClaus will do a brief introduction into holography and 3D technologies. Claus is working in holography for almost 30 years and is producing all kind of holograms and other 3D prints and related technology. At the HoloVersum area will be all types of holograms available, so you will find:

Lenticulars, monochromatic and true color holograms, computer generated holograms, transmission holograms and more. Language: English / German, as you like it

Type: Workshop
Processed by assembly: HoloVersum
Person organizing HoloClaus
Orga contact cc@ccc.de

Starts at 2012/12/29 04:00:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/29 05:00:00 PM
Duration 60 minutes
Location HoloVersum
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Claus Cohnen is a heavy-user and developer of holographic technologies since the mid 80ies. He lives in Hamburg, Germany, he is managing director of a company for holographic products, technologies and solutions.

How did I get into holography? I was born in Hamburg in 1959 and early developed an interest in any kind of machines, electricity and technology as you can see on the first photo of mine, 16 months or so old already fighting with a screwdriver and plug ... ;-) DJ-ing at the age of 12 I became one of the youngest Hippies in Hamburg in the early 70ies and soon had many friends who were artists, musicians and technological freaks like myself. Around 1978 Klaus Maeck a good friend of mine who did "Rip Off", the first Punk record shop in Germany, visited the first hologram gallery in the world, the Holos Gallery in San Francisco. He brought several different holograms and they fascinated me immediately. Later, in the eighties the German pioneer of holography, Johannes "Hanno" Matthiesen, returned from the US and started the first hologram company in Germany, the Holocom GmbH in Kakenstorf near Hamburg. We met and soon started our cooperation, e.g. in 1986 we produced life size portrait pulse laser holograms of another friend of mine, the singer Nina Hagen. At that time the first hologram mass runs were produced in Germany, most of them at the Holocom. After staying a year in Ibiza and doing a restaurant and hologram gallery there for a while I returned to Germany and continued my close cooperation with Hanno Matthiesen. After having made several jobs like the first pulse hologram magazine title of GEO Special, the Zander´s calendar Natura ´88, titles of "Deutscher Drucker" and many others, I had the idea to sell holograms to clients like Nutella and Kellogg´s. In the early nineties we got and produced these jobs and parallel continued doing R&D and machine construction of hologram machines and new technologies. Since I´ve been working with computers early, we had the first computer activists group in Hamburg @ Schwarzmarkt, an anarchistic book shop in 1975. I was early involved in the Chaos Computer Club since the first congresses.

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