OnionCat builds a VPN based on the Tor network and its hidden services. Thus, it provides both-sided anonymity.
Contact [[Project contact::User:Eagle]]
Weblinks http://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat/
People Creo, Eagle
Processed by assembly: Cypherpunk.at
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Onioncat.png OnionCat is a layer 3 VPN adapter. It is based on the hidden services of the Tor network and transparently forwards IPv6 packets according to the routing table of the kernel. The IP addresses are assigned uniquely to each OnionCat user. The address is directly associated with the public key of the hidden service.

If OnionCat is not working on your operating system or Un*x derivate we will try to adapt it that it does work in future.

OnionCat is released under GPL.

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