Cryptoparty Best Practices Follow Up
Discussing experiences and sharing best practices on how to organize a cryptoparty.
Type: Workshop
Processed by assembly: Cryptoparty
Person organizing User:Zombb
Orga contact zombb@gmx.org, Twitter: @ZombBiURIs of the form "zombb@gmx.org, Twitter: @ZombBi" are not allowed.

Starts at 2012/12/27 07:00:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/27 08:30:00 PM
Duration 90 minutes
Location Hall 13
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This is meant to be the starting point for all participants of cryptoparty assembly. This meeting is for everybody who wants to organize a cryptoparty or better has even done so. We want to discuss experiences and share best practice concerning organisational aspects (e.g. how to advertise your cryptoparty), contents and cryptoparty resources like tools, software and artwork. etherpad with live transcript from the first meeting: http://piratepad.eu/cryptoparty-CCC

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