Brewing probiotic beverages
Introduction to brewing probiotic beverages using kombucha, granos tibicos (water kefir) and milk kefir whey. The workshop will be partly demonstration and partly hands on, sharing the cultures with participants.
Type: Hands-On
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Starts at 2012/12/28 02:00:00 PM
Ends at 2012/12/28 04:00:00 PM
Duration 120 minutes
Location Hall 12
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This workshop is an overview of using probiotic cultures to brew beverages. We will be demonstrating how to prepare beverages using kombucha, granos tibicos and milk kefir whey first and the participants will prepare their own brew later on with a guide. The focus of the workshop will be to make people understand what are the differences within these cultures trying to guide the brewers so they use these cultures thinking about their "natural advantages" rather then forcing the way of consuming or flavouring, which are against the character of the cultures. As an example you can consider brewing kombucha as a healthy but a strong tonic which amount drunk per day should be watched closely because of it's strength (for example strong acidic character which has negative effect on your tooth and stomach). In contrast as a highly refreshing and rehydrating drink water kefir culture with it's light, metallic flavour and naturally sparkling character should be used without too much worry about amount of the liquid drunk per day. This workshop is recommended to either people who are brewing already. People who want to start are welcome but they should take it as a short overview of probiotic brewing with given cultures and trying to focus on general understanding rather than on details which are likely to be overwhelming for beginners.

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