Bring your DECT.

[basic info]
The POC will provide the telephone system (Alcatel OmniPCX 4400) combined with an asterisk system for VoIP which is fully integrated into the PBX System.

Additionally the POC will also provide cable bound phones
which will be connected via the structured cabling system of the BCC.

Everybody can bring his own DECT/GAP compatible phone, which will be registered into the system.

[payoff] “a cellphone is so much more useful – why bring a DECT phone, too?”

you should bring a DECT phone for the following four reasons:

  1. you can talk to other DECT phone users locally at the congress for FREE.
  2. when you sit on one of the sofas in front of TV sets showing the talks then you can also LISTEN to the live audio streams, too.
    you can also listen in to the audio stream of the current talks while
    sitting in another talk room to check what is happening elsewhere.
  3. you can be reached from the outside world via your SIP number, too!
  4. you can reach all German and (some) international destinations, too. and for FREE.
  5. you have access to funny services like the phone-maze or the community system formerly known as “Die Villa”.

Q: “do you sell any DECT phones on the congress?”
A: “NO. but there are several stores near the BCC which sell them,
e.g. Mediamarkt and Saturn.”

[warning on bad phones]
There is both a list of phones which are known to be
*incompatible* with the POC-Network in the Eventphone-Wiki
as well as a list of phones which are known to work.
Please check these in advance so you won’t bring an
incompatible one and then have to buy a usable one.
DECT Phone Compatibility List

Please *register* your DECT analog and ISDN extensions
online in *advance* by using the
GenericUserRegistrationUtility (Guru).
This will speed up the registration progress at the congress *considerably*. This helps both you and us – and the people waiting in line behind you.

All registered extensions will automatically show up in the

Podphone is a multi-user phone to podcast platform.
Now – everyone can create his own podcast for free – by using a phone. Share situations with your friends or simply audio-blog your whole day.

“Broadcast” whenever and wherever you want to – with your very own personal podcast. It’s just a phone call away.

[phone numbers] Browse online Phonebook

Sascha Ludwig and Martin Assenmacher are responsible for the POC.

PoC Group Call: 2000
PoCSascha: 2001
PoCMartin: 2002