Looking for cool quotes, help wanted

We are currently producing a video documentary of the recent 23C3 event. We have tons of nice footage and interesting interviews, but we want more. So we are looking for cool quotes by speakers in the lectures being held at 23C3 and we want you to spot them for us as it is an enormous task for a few people but probably feasible for a huge crowd doing it in parallel.

So take a look at our preliminary video recordings (they are almost complete, just some talks of the first day are missing as they have to be re-captured from tape). We are looking for insightful statements that reflect our culture, provide anecdotal information or are just plain funny. The excerpts shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds, the shorter the better.

If you find something that you think might be worth including, please point us to the URL of the recording and give us the time and length of the clipping. Send this by e-mail to tim at ccc dot de along with a subject like “23C3 Cool Quote” or whatever. Thanks in advance for your help.