23C3 audio and video recordings available

We finally made it. Again, way too much time passed to finish off the complete set of recordings due to a technical problem on day one which forced us to re-capture and re-edit a quarter of the recordings. It always good to have backups.

But now we can provide you with the complete set of recordings in both audio-only and the complete video version. All videos are sized 640×480 pixels and are superbly encoded featuring very low bitrates and an unusually good video quality at the same time. All files can be played back on the iPod. Thanks to the 23C3 video crew of FEM Ilmenau and CCC Ulm for this great setup that took months to develop and refine. The audio is provided in ordinary MP3 format.

You can retrieve the audio and video recordings either manually or in an automated fashion by subscribing to the feed via the 23C3 Video Recordings or the 23C3 Audio Recordings podcasts we host at our Chaosradio Podcast Network site.

As usual the complete material is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0 Germany license allowing you to freely redistribute the recordings. Make use of it.

Please note this is the first official release of the recordings. There are some prematurely distributed videos on the web and public video hosting sites that lack proper metadata and sometimes do not state the license correctly. The new files have been double-checked and shouldn’t contain any grave errors (hopefully!). If you want to mirror the complete set of recordings you can retrieve them from ftp.ccc.de/congress/2006 (be aware that MIME types reported by ftp.ccc.de are currently not correct).