Prepare for Impact

Today was the “kickoff” day at the bcc, our very first day getting everything set up for the congress in the building. As every year, it was mostly a delivery day. Shirts, the proceedings and a lot of other stuff we need for the organization arrived – all the stuff we need quite early in our congress setup.


Most of the hardware used for the congress network is already in the building, huge stacks full of switches and routers were delivered today. Quite a lot of paperwork and unpacking to do – checking for any transportation damage and verifying the serial numbers of the hardware.


One of the rather weird issues this year is that we had to learn we will be affected by the current bad weather situation in the UK. Parts of the hardware which is provided by Force 10 Networks is used in their lab in the UK – and the plane scheduled to deliver this hardware was unable to take off due to foggy weather conditions. However, we are quite confident that the stuff will arrive in time. Everything else worked out quite well until now, even the uplinks to the bcc are already set up.


But: Tomorrow (23.) is our first “real” buildup day. We need a lot of volunteers to set up the whole building, so come and bring your friends – the bcc will be open from 08:00 to 18:00, we take care for food and drinks. See you there!