I remember doing the halfnarp!

I remember doing the halfnarp!

The 37C3 content teams have been sorting, discussing, ranking, shuffling, haggling and hustling for more stage-hours and are proud to present you a preliminary look at the first 104 confirmed of around 125 accepted lectures and performances at this year’s Congress.

It’s been an exhausting process with 600 submissions in six tracks and a handful of invited presentations meaning that some tracks had to chose 1 lecture from 10 others not making it into the final Fahrplan. If you are among the ones getting a sad email, rest assured that you are in excellent company and encourage you to reach out to our teams managing the self organised sessions and workshops or invite yourself to one of the many Assemblies and share your knowledge there.

Still, we are really thrilled about the quality of this year’s submissions and want to allow everyone a first glimps on our Fahrplan in exchange for you helping us out with the precise schedule which is due to be planned next weekend: As seen in previous years and years, we also need your support for 37C3 telling us which lectures you want to attend. By mapping your anonymous list of lectures to these of your peers, we can create a conflict map as seen in the video below, that helps us reduce the amount of conflicts between multiple lectures you may want to attend.

So hop over to the halfnarp now and let the community magic do its work!

Image CC0 by Stefan Kühn