33C3 halfnarp: The talks that ‚work for us‘

33C3 halfnarp: The talks that ‚work for us‘

The 33C3 content committee is proud to announce a lecture selection that ‚works for us‘. Our five hard-working 33C3 track teams have hand-picked a set of around 150 excellent lectures to be formed into the best four day, six track programme possible.

Having to select talks from an impressive lot of more than 500 submissions was a hard and sometimes frustrating task. But we have been amazed by the overwhelming interest in volunteering to present at 33C3. We’re thrilled to see that support and enthusiasm to contribute to this year’s event is as high as it ever been. Some speakers even refuse to accept a free ticket!

With this post, we want to do three things: Whet your appetite for our programme, ask for your help in putting together a collision-free schedule, and call for your workshops and self-organized sessions.

First, we present: The halfnarp https://halfnarp.events.ccc.de/.

In the halfnarp, you’ll find a list of all re-confirmed talks for each track (note: around 15 lectures are not yet re-confirmed, if you’re a speaker, please check your spam folder ;). You might notice that we offer a new track ‚Space‘, simply because we think all hackers should absolutely make space ‚work for them‘.

Second, we ask that you to help us put together a collision-free schedule that ‚works for you‘:

  1. Select all lectures you would like to attend.
  2. Press submit.
  3. That’s it, there’s no step three. We’ll do the rest.

You can modify your choice at any time (don’t forget to press Submit again), or share it with your friends.

Third: The vast majority of submissions did not make it into the curated lecture programme. But that does not mean they wouldn’t be interesting to the crowd at 33C3. We invite you to present your ideas in lightning talks, gather in your assemblies or even get hands-on with a self organized session.

Foto: CC-BY 2.0, astro@spaceboyz.net.