Camp 2023 – Call for Angels

Camp 2023 – Call for Angels


After some years of forced interruption we are happy to organize a (larger) Chaos Event again. In order to make the camp a success, we need your help! Please consider becoming an Angel and support the event by volunteering!

How does this work?


  1. We need you! Register as an Angel (volunteer) at Angel System (Engelsystem) and add your arrival/departure dates.
  2. If you’d like to help with build-up before the 10.08., please contact us per Mail first and wait for our response.
  3. Read the Angel-Guide, especially check our curated packing list.
  4. At campsite, get marked as arrived at the Heaven …

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Call for Angels



The Engelsystem is up and running. If you want to help, create your Engelsystem account and get going!

rC3 Engelsystem

The end of the year is near and so is the second edition of the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3 2021). Many helping hands have been preparing everything for months now, so hopefully our virtual get-together will once again be a highlight of the year. After gaining some experience last year and spontaneously finding creative solutions for a lot of problems, this year we hope for an even better event.

But we cannot achieve this on our own. Like every year, we are again …

You are needed – Angel Registration is online


As mentioned before, the Congress can’t happen without the Chaos Angels – from building up to tearing the whole thing down the Angels are a vital part of the Congress.

If you like to be part of that fantastic Community of Angels all you have to do is creating an Account on https://www.engelsystem.de and volunteer for shifts in an area you’d like to help.

Jobs reach from entrance & Cash Desk via Bar Angels to Video and Audio.