Date Description
06.06. (21:00 CEST) Sale of first ticket batch: Ticketshop
09.06. Call for Participation Deadline
12.06. (15:00 CEST) Sale of second ticket batch: Ticketshop
15.06. Call for Art Deadline
24.06. (12:00 CEST) Sale of last ticket batch: Ticketshop
30.06. Village Registration Deadline
(early) Buildup: Only for people who registered with the orga before.
Do not show up unannounced. You will be asked to leave.
Buildup: Only for people who help with buildup
People can start to buildup their villages, no infrastructure yet
Power is probably(!) available from now
15.08. Official start of the CCCamp23
19.08. Last day of the CCCamp23
20.08. Teardown starts
Last day of disassembly, all must be finished no later than this day.

Arriving early

If you want to arrive earlier than the [tbd] you are expected to help with buildup. Bear in mind that there won't be much infrastructure and most likely you won't be able to setup your tent in your desired location.

To keep track of the number of people on place please register with the orga or the angelsystem if you want to help during buildup.


We simply do not have the infrastructure to support many people early on. There won't be enought toilets, no showers, no power, no water and no food or anything else needed to stay. We need space to operate heavy machinery and those do not mix well with squishy humans. You will be asked to leave.