Use more bandwidth and less Diesel!

Use more bandwidth and less Diesel!

Sunny fields, beautiful avenues, starry nights – and a refreshing dive in river Havel. This his how we all know and love our Chaos Communication Camp. But when 5.000 people go on vacation in uncharted territories, there are certain challenges for local infrastructure:
Energy and water supply are simply not designed for such a large number of people.


Although we try to save energy, our consumption will be higher than the local energy grid’s capacity. This ist why – just like last time – we have to rely on mobile diesel generators. These generators provide audible feedback on our energy consumption, inviting us to critically reflect it.

We would kindly ask everyone to do without large-scale energy consumers. In particular, please try to take a pass on refrigerators. Refrigerators use a lot of energy and thus lead to high costs. At the same time, each self-cooled beverage ist one less beverage sold at our bars. As a result, your self-cooled beverage harms our non-commercial event twice: Even though ticket prices are high, they do not cover all expenses, so we rely on returns from merchandise and beverage sales.

You will be able to smell every Watt-hour produced by the diesel generators. Every large scale consumer reduces our health and raises our costs. Cool kids save energy! A large bucket of water from river Havel is sufficient to cool drinks and packed foods for storage.


Water is a finite resource, in particular when the water comes from a narrow water pipe. Please take short showers – not only for the sake of those waiting in line.


Besides lowering your energy consumption, there are many ways to contribute to a more sustainable camp:

  • Carpooling!
    You’ll find options in our Wiki category “Hitchhiking”. In the Wiki, you will also find information on arriving by train, bus or bike.
  • Even if you’re not coming by bike, try to organize a bike to run your errands in the surrounding villages.
  • Buy regional groceries instead of bringing large supplies from far away.
    CCC bars sell bottles with refundable deposit and will also refund you.
  • Bring re-usable dishes and cutlery!
    Our teams C3GELB and C3 Sustainability will provide dishwashers to reduce disposable cutlery. By the way, heavy dishes are better than light plastic, which will only fly around in the dish washer.
  • Bring re-usable water bottles.
    There will be several places to fill them.
  • Plan your village decoration so that you can re-use it at the next event.
  • Bring Solar modules for your own independent power supply.
  • Avoid trash and plan to take your own trash home after the event. This helps you monitor your trash production and lowers our disposal costs.

If you have further ideas and recommendations for a more sustainable event, please let C3 sustainability know:

We are looking forward to your recommendations!
Those of you who are interested in ecological matters, are welcome to meet and discuss at Village Bits&Bäume!