Together? We are better!

Ride Sharing

Do you have some free space in your car that you'd like to provide to other hackers traveling to the camp, or do you need transport to camp yourself? Leave an entry below!


Who? From / Home To Date of arrival Date of departure Free seats Free space for goods Contact information Further comments Direction (from/to/both)
juul The camp / Vordingborg train station (south of Denmark on the way to Copenhagen / Malmö) 2019-08-26 2019-08-26 1 Space for maybe one tent and a couple of large backpacks, maybe more marc@juul.io or for a fast reply use Signal on +1 510 717 4275 We'll leave from camp at around 12 pm. Hoping to split the ferry ticket cost to Denmark (about $150 total) but pay what you can, if you can. one-way
CryptonicAlpha Aschaffenburg to Berlin (Zehlendorf) 2019-08-20 2019-08-25 5 or more There is enough place for goods cryptonicalpha@protonmail.com We'll leave in AB at 17:00. one-way
trummerschlunk Berlin to Camp 2019-08-21 3 -4 I am leaving at 14h from Köpenickerstr. 18 trummerschlunk@posteo.de one-way
Macker from around seattle (canada) 2019-08-19 2019-08-28 I arrive in berlin on aug 19th or 18th at 9:30pm if anyone plans on heading up larte on `19th
migu from around Solingen (Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, ...)

to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. Stops along the route possible.

2019-08-17 or 18 2019-08-25 2 the car is an estate/wagon, so quite some stuff should fit. I do not bring much. see my user page we have to split approx. 72 € per direction (could be less now) both
User:André from Gmunden / Wels / Passau / Regensburg / Leipzig to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg 2019-08-20 2019-08-26 2 backpack/sleepingbag User:André contribution both
zENjA from around Melsungen/Kassel to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg

via Göttingen, [Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Magdeburg (Route A)], [Leipzig (Route B)]

2019-08-16 2019-08-28 2-3 enough (4m x 1,7m Trailer) see my user page Large Objects like Bikes etc. can be transportet both towards camp via Route A
ploy from Zürich, Switzerland to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg

via A) Schaffhausen, Stuttgart, Würzburg, Erfurt or B) St. Gallen, Ulm, Nürnberg

2019-08-18 or 2019-08-19 2019-08-26 1 a third of the trunk of an Opel Astra Caravan hitchhikecamp2019@ploy.ch We're looking for someone with a license, who's ready to drive around half of the 900km trip. The dates are negotiable. Cost: 150 euro (for the entire trip, both ways). both
segal from somewhere in (North/East-)Berlin/Bernau region 2019-08-19 morning to noon not fixed yet 2 it's a camping bus, so some space available, but maybe required for other village stuff see user page, or user segal in IRC channel #camp on irc.de.hackint.org no costs to camp
Gigadoc2 from Nijmegen and/or Kreis Kleve

to the campsite (detours negotiable)

2019-08-20 2019-08-25 1-4 The car is a Nissan Note with shift-able and foldable backseats, currently only me and you as passengers, so the entire back of it is available for luggage mail: chaos.camp2019.rideshare@inbox.nicht.jetzt

XMPP: gigadoc2@revreso.de

Matrix: @gigadoc2:revreso.de

Fuel contributions are optional yet appreciated, I estimate that fuel will cost me 43€ per trip (6,30€/100km)

If you have a license I could try to get you insured so you could drive as well. If I am the sole driver, I will need some breaks ;)

Beh from around 60km south-west from Berlin (near Beelitz), pickup via peripheral west Berlin possible (Spandau, Wannsee, ...) 2019-08-17 afternoon (maybe late) 2019-08-26 afternoon 3 I drive an estate car with a caravan. There should be space for bulky (but not so heavy) stuff in the caravan. Trunk is estimated to be mostly full. hitchhiking_camp2019@kayuk.de, https://rocket.events.ccc.de/direct/beh If you add money to the fuel costs it would be nice, but since I drive the caravan (which consumes a lot fo fuel anyways), I don't expect splitting it with you entirely. You could also pay me with some beer and Mate @ Camp ;) both
Tny Frankfurt/Main 2019-08-17 early in the morning 2019-08-26 noon at latest 2 3.5t Transporter, good filled but we find a place.. Tny none both
Chewie2 Luton / UK 19/20th August 2019-08-26 - Have to be back in Luton by 7am. 1-2 Yes, Saloon car, but some space will be left over, also roof rack - with full roof box, but half of the roof space could have stuff tied to it. Chewie2 both
Drudenfuss from Oldenburg (OLB) to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg 2019-08-16 2019-08-25 1 Drudenfuss both
patrick from Hamburg (HH) Barmbek <-> Ziegeleipark Mildenberg 2019-08-20 (ca. 17:30) 2019-08-25 (afternoon?) 2 (HH-Mildenberg), 1 (Mildenberg-HH) ca. 1m³ (no boxes anymore, please. Soft backpacks and bags should still fit) https://rocket.events.ccc.de/direct/patrick both
Dondario from Bochum / Ruhrgebiet <-> Ziegeleipark Mildenberg 2019-08-16 (may be 17.8.) 2019-08-26 1 to 3 (see: Direction ) I drive a "Kombi" with trailer (100kmh) some place should be available. Threema ID: Z86P3SRX Dondario contribution would be nice but not necessary if you can't afford it. to: 3, back: 1
Kiba from 40km nord above Stuttgart <-> Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, stops along the route is fine :), driving over B14 to A6 over Nuernberg,then A9 to Nord. Meeting near the Motorway is possible (e.g.Schwabisch Hall Carilsheim, Ansbach, Nuerenberg, Bayreuth,) 2019-08-16 (start @ Afternoon) 2019-08-25/2019-08-26 1 to 2 I drive a "normal Car" Threema ID: 4PNSSDWP KiBa There will be some space at trunk for usual camping equipment and personal stuff
Digital TA from Gent in Belgium -> Ziegeleipark Mildenberg but not going back the same way, instead driving through via baltica to Tallinn then taking a ferry to Finland. 2019-08-20 (Time is flexible) 2019-08-25 1 Driving a 2-seater so quite low space for luggage in general dTA in irc. An airplane hand luggage size backpack should fit on the floor on passenger side if you put the seat all the way back. No guarantees for trunk space.
THD from Malmö, Sweden / back to Amsterdam, Netherlands 2019-08-21 (early) 2019-08-26 0-2 to camp + 1-3 from camp (depending on luggage) Space for a lot of luggage if 1, and little luggage if 3 THD I am driving one way only! from Malmö + to Amsterdam
Rosie from/to Berlin 2019-08-17 2019-08-26 1-2 (depending on luggage) We have a "Kombi" (station wagon) rental car. Can fit more/less luggage depending on number of riders. see my user page No contribution necessary both (will have 1 more passenger when leaving camp)
Niklas to Karlsruhe 2019-08-25 from camp: 3 We have a "Sprinter" rental car, but luggage capacity is very limited see my user page we expect the car to cost 50 € per Person per trip, you should contribute accordingly. both
dg1vs Berlin (Lichtenberg) 2019-08-18 and 2019-08-20 No 1 Person with normal luggage see my user page
Stray Switzerland near Lucerne 2019-08-19 2019-08-24 only luggage, no passenger seats I will be leaving on Friday for a three day journey to the camp. I have some space left in my van, if you can get your stuff to me by Friday night. Bulky items possible within reason. stray@stray.ch / Stray
Skube Neuss to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. Stops near the route are possible. 2019-08-19 2019-08-25 1 - 2 (depending on luggage) I drive an SEAT Leon station wagon, backseats are mostly free for luggage. see my user page I will start in Neuss around 12:00 o'clock and will heading back on sunday at around 14:00 o'clock. both
Fraxinas Aschaffenburg to Berlin (Zehlendorf) 2019-08-18 2019-08-25 1 There's one seat in the back available, see my user page We'll leave in AB at 9:00. Can drop you off at an S-Bahn station in B. We'll spend the night there and proceed to camp the next morning. one-way
User:Azog Hamburg 20. starting ~noon 25. 1 most probably no problem Mail: cccamp2019 (delimiter) azog (next delimiter) de Two adults, two kids in a VW-Bus both
jalr Nürnberg (A9) 2019-08-20 2019-08-26 4 "Kombi" so a decent amount of space is available see my user page both
HighTower Near Cologne 2019-08-27 ca. 1030 am 2 LKW, so there should be 2222, highTower #ätt# highTower SU Travel by LKW, need a car for caravan transport from
hnms Freiburg - 2019-08-25 1 plenty of space hnms at posteo.org DECT 4667 Departure on Sunday at 09:00 approx. from camp to freiburg via A9 > A4 > A5
stunkymonkey Lübeck - 2019-08-25 1 plenty of space DECT 6932 Departure on Sunday at 07:30 approx. from camp to Lübeck

Looking for a ride

Who? From / Home To Date of arrival Date of departure Seats Luggage Contact information Further comments Direction (from/to/both)
User:lio Munich 2019-08-21 2019-08-25 1 two bags and tent froileinstutengarten@gmail.com, DECT: 5460, looking for a ride home today :) -
User:mathieui Gransee - 2019-08-26 1 One 50L backpack mathieuii on #camp or mathieui on freenode Need to be in Gransee before the 09:23 AM train to
User:hex-m Denmark (ideally Esbjerg) 2019-08-26 (flexible) 2019-08-26 (flexible) 2 two backbags hexmasteen@runbox.com, @hexmasteen@chaos.social Love and Hugs! :-* -
User:nderjung Mildenberg Town or Berlin - 2019-08-23 2 backpacks mailto:alex@nderjung.net We are just trying to get to the train or to Berlin! from
User:jule Regensburg or Nuremberg - 2019-08-26 2 backpacks dect 2210 Our car broke down so we need a ride back. Thank you! to
User:Kris Berlin / TXL or Gransee - 2019-08-25, very early (~8 ish)! 1 suitcase dect 7170 - to
User:HomerSimpson Berlin / TXL - 2019-08-26, early morning (12PM flight) 1 70L backpack User:HomerSimpson - to
sq2afk Berlin 2019-08-21 (morning) - 1 60 liter bag telegram @SQ2AFK, freenode #hs3 ask will propably catch something on the way out of Berlin to
dan berlin / tengel airport 21/08/2019 > 10 am ?? 1 35 L backpack rnyp-1o@getnada.com arriving at 10am at tengel airport. very flexible on places nearby if after 10am. happy to pay the gas.
[frieda] Berlin Hbf 2019-08-19 Afternoon 2019-08-25 One Backpack friederike.feld[at]gmail.com both
Little Detritus Aachen / Cologne 2019-08-19 2019-08-25 / 2019-08-26 One Backpack & Geraffel depending on space littledetritus@rjinswand.de, @littledetritus both
User:tjg Camp->Vienna, Austria Monday/Flexible One Carry-on backpack (48l), Small backpack (12l), Suitcase tjg on hackint / DECT 7001
BenBE + magu from Kiel to Camp 2019-08-17 or 2019-08-18 2019-08-25 2 (maybe +1) 2x130l SAMLA, 2x Backpack (30l) BenBE (at) toppoint.de, BenBE1987 on Twitter /* no comment */ both
User:Link Mauve Paris (FR) Flexible no 1 Not sure yet. linkmauve@linkmauve.fr (XMPP, email)
User:NicKira Berlin Mitte/Kreuzberg Freitag, 16.08.19 Sonntag, 25.08.19, maybe Mo, 26. 1 2-4 Bags, maybe a bike, if possible NicKira [ät] web.de or Threema: CSPWB8KF both
User:RaumstationVKHL Bremen (or Hamburg) 17./18./19./20.8. 25./26.8. 1 I can adapt my luggage, but I need at least space for my tent, sleeping bag, clothing and a little bit of stuff see user page both
user:shevski Berlin 22nd! 25th 1 Have a largeish ruscksack @shevski on the internets Happy to chats about redecentralize, tea and all other topics :) both
Michael Munich 20th 25th 1 Have a suitcase Threema: 8SBNCPZF, cccde@encambio.com MuCCC, Cryptocurrency
Bartosz Berlin - 24th - early morning 1 backpack bjowczarek[at]gmail.com - from Camp
User:dgi Darmstadt/Frankfurt 2019-08-20 - 1 Suitcase+Tentpack dgi[at]mit.edu departure would be nice in the afternoon one way on the 20th
User:Matejo ZiegeleiPark/Camp to Gransee - 2019-08-24 1 only backpack jolanda.wilfer[æt]icloud.com i need to be at gransee at 11:15, so departure maybe at 10:45? Also i come back to camp in the evening and i would definetly also pay you a tschunk if you want to only one way
User:jaller94 Westend, Berlin - 2019-08-25 1 Suitcase+Tentpack christian [at] chrpaul.de from
User:Clavi from Camp to Gransee - 2019-08-25, ~09:30 2 suitcase, two backpacks DECT 3270, Mail: camp@clavi.at - to
highTower from Camp to NRW/near Cologne - N.N. 0 small + light caravan DECT 2222, Mail: highTower #ätt# highTower SU - from
User:ChloeEDRi ZiegeleiPark/Camp to Gransee - 2019-08-25 1 only backpack chloe.berthelemy[æt]edri.org My train is at gransee train station at 11:00, any help welcome only one way
User:Pascal* ZiegeleiPark/Camp to Gransee - 2019-08-25 1 backpack rpp[æt]freenet.de/DECT 7122/@pascal@norden.social Gransee train station at ca. 10:00 departure
Emilsp and Rudzha ZiegeleiPark/Camp to Gransee or TXL - 2019-08-26 2 backpack pinkisemils[æt]gmail.com/DECT 7589/ DECT 4856/ +44 7706299445 Gransee train station at ca. 07:10 or 8:20, or TXL departure at 12:30. departure

Group travel

For taking advantage of group discounts (rail, ferry, teleportation) etc and "rail cards" etc . . .

Who? From / Home To Date of arrival Date of departure Type Contact information Further comments Direction (from/to/both)
Leonard Kiel 2019-08-20 2019-08-25 Quer-durchs-Land ticket Regionalverkehr cyborgx7@gmail.com @cyborgx7 on twitter It gets cheaper if we are more people to and from, both
  • Skriptkätzchen is looking for a Lowbudget Deutsche Bahn Voucher for a ride from Munich Giesing via Bonn Hardthöhe to the Camp.

Cycling together

See also Bike2CCCamp

Who? From / Home To Speed Dates Track Contact information Direction (from/to/both)
Several Oranienburg slow pace (38 km/1 day) August 21st Segment of Berlin-Copenhagen cycleway [1] See Bike2CCCamp to
We are 3 starting from Belgium, 1 will try to join the group later on the way. from west to east via R1/EuroVélo2 about 70km per day start August 8 in Brussels... join wherever you want on the way but we can't say in advance when we are going to be where exactly maps.openrouteservice.org. Planning tp join the one day cycling trip from Berlin with Hackers Against Climate Change on August 20. agnez only to camp, back by train (but you are free to do as you are pleased)
2 persons (Ina & friend, HH) would be happy about some company Oranienburg slow/relaxed speed (leisure ride, don't have a good bike anyway) August 19th Berlin-Copenhagen cycleway from Oranienburg Inum to
1 person Berlin Potsdamer Platz via Oranienburg to Camp ~15 - 20kmh August 19nd 10:00 Berlin-Copenhagen cycleway Colipedia both
2 people Berlin-->Oranienburg by train or s-bahn, then bike to Camp (~40km, 2h) relaxed pace August 20th afternoon Berlin-Copenhagen cycleway Plusea hannah@plusea.at both
1 person camp --> Oranienburg, then train or s-bahn (~40km, 2h) relaxed pace, ~17kmh August 26th afternoon Berlin-Copenhagen cycleway Colipedia DECT 3317 both