Ring! Ring! #35C3

Ring! Ring! #35C3

This year, we want to show that it is possible to provide reliable, secure communications infrastructure with the highest quality and premium service. For you!

DECT, SIP or GSM extensions can be reserved in the new GURU3. The old accounts and data from  GURU2 have been migrated. It is now possible to select a random free extension or to display all free numbers at the push of a button.

Last year we wrote: “Unfortunately it is technically not possible to speed up or parallelize the process [of the telephone registration]“. And because it seemed impossible to us, we built it. We have retired our loyal old system and started to develop from scratch. With new hardware and new software – with focus on our biggest problems: How do we get rid of the long queues at the DECT registration? How to register phones in parallel? How can you register phones wherever you have DECT  reception? How can everyone register their own phone?

And the DECT self-registration was finished. We tested it at Easterhegg 2018 with 250 users, twice. ;-) The next test took place in England: At EMF Camp already had some more testers and it worked without problems right away on the first attempt. At 35C3, we want to crack the 2500 DECT extensions from last year. Without queues! How does it work? We describe the procedure in a detailed article.

34C3, 2502 DECT extensions - ST

2502 DECT Extensions at 34C3.

Activate encryption in your GURU3 account and only deactivate it, if your phone does not work with activated encryption.

Please use DECT Encryption

Our first tests have shown that considerably more devices work with the new system than with the old one. Unfortunately, there are still manufacturers that deviate so much from the specification, that it is not possible for us to integrate devices from these manufacturers. We maintain a list of compatible devices in our Wiki.

There will also be GSM (mobile radio) again this year. We still have some SIM cards in stock, but please bring SIM cards from previous congresses. They still work. The GSM team will expand the network to 1800Mhz (2G) and 850Mhz (3G). The constellations in which voice and data will be distributed have not yet been finalized.

Since there was too much abuse at past events, there will be no SIP dialout on the 35C3. The 20 outgoing voice channels are only available for DECT and GSM (mobile radio) extensions. A dial-in for SIP, DECT & GSM extensions will be available at +49 (0) 464438299 < Extension>. EPVPN extensions are available from the event network with the prefix 01999 and from the EPVPN the event is available with the prefix 09.

There are other small and large new features such as the telephone book via LDAP, ringback tones or hotel DECT. Furthermore, we have a new support system. Requests via e-mail, webchat, web form, telegram message or Twitter are collected in our helpdesk software, where they can be processed by several people. We hope to offer you an even better customer experience.  :-)

Phone book, LDAP iOS

Eventphone phone book via LDAP on iOS.

We will keep you up to date via Twitter on the @eventphone and @epstatus channels.

the Eventphone Team