36C3 Phone registration is open

36C3 Phone registration is open


We are pleased to inform you that even with Resource Exhaustion the registration of telephone extensions for the 36th Chaos Communication Congress is open. Don’t get confused by the social media, it works without any voucher :-). You can claim your DECT, SIP or GSM extension in the Generic User Registration Utility (GURU). Like last year, you can register your devices on site yourself. Don’t forget your devices and chargers, chasing records, this year we want to break last year’s 6488 extensions.

Stay connected!

Ring! Ring! #35C3

Ring! Ring! #35C3


This year, we want to show that it is possible to provide reliable, secure communications infrastructure with the highest quality and premium service. For you!

DECT, SIP or GSM extensions can be reserved in the new GURU3. The old accounts and data from  GURU2 have been migrated. It is now possible to select a random free extension or to display all free numbers at the push of a button.

Last year we wrote: “Unfortunately it is technically not possible to speed up or parallelize the process [of the telephone registration]“. And because it seemed impossible to us, we built …

Don’t forget your (DECT) phone


“Works for us” is not enough.
“Works for you” is our aspiration.



We will provide to you the best phone infrastructure of all chaos events, combined with the shortest setup time ever. So do not forget to …

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications


Ring Ring!

At 32C3, we will again provide to you a phone infrastructure operated by the Phone Operation Center (POC), so do not forget to bring your DECT phone with you (and the right charger, possibly a headset if you have one). In addition to many other features and easter eggs, the audio streams of the talks as well as the simultaneous translations will be available via telephone.

dect pizza

DECT in use – CC BY-Nc 2.0 via …

POC registration for 25C3 is open


The registration for your personal phone number at the 25C3 is now up and running. Excerpt from the eventphone page:

If you want to create a phone number for one of the upcoming events, you have to sign up first and give yourself a username.
You will get an email to confirm your account. Then you can choose a phone number for your cordless phone.
That is all you need to phone other people at the event for free. You can make friends or retrieve them, when they got spread over the whole area.
If you already have an account for eventphone.de you only have to click login.

Currently you can create …