34C3 Presale

It’s that time of the year again – we’re opening the presale for this year’s Chaos Communication Congress!

Again, there will be two phases, with the first one starting today.
During the first phase, we’d like to invite the core of our community to participate in the presale.
It will end as soon as no more tickets are left in the pool for this phase, but by 2017-10-15 at the latest.

During the second phase we’ll open the presale to everybody on a number of pre-announced time slots. We’ll announce these open presale dates at least two weeks ahead of time on this site.

We’ll offer all tickets for presale. Im case they don’t sell out, we’ll offer the rest on-site in Leipzig. We’ll tell you until 2017-12-20 whether this is going to be the case or not.

Planning an event of this scale at a new location comes with many uncertainties. As best as we could, we have calculated the average price necessary to make 34C3 pay for itself – you’ll find details and a chart plotting the average ticket price of currently sold tickets at tickets.events.ccc.de/.
If you are able to support us, please do!

You can find a more detailed explanation of the presale phases and the voucher system at tickets.events.ccc.de/34c3/docs/. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ at tickets.events.ccc.de/34c3/page/faq or contact us at 34c3-tickets@cccv.de.

See you in December!
The 34C3 presale team