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PrivacyWeek 2017: Der Vorverkauf läuft


23. bis 29. Oktober, Volkskundemuseum, Wien

Die PrivacyWeek des Chaos Computer Clubs Wien geht in die zweite Runde. In diesem Jahr expandieren wir auf einen zweiten Saal im Volkskundemuseum im 8. Wiener Bezirk und freuen uns auf zahlreiche Besucher. Das Volkskundemuseum ist in der Laudongasse 15-19 in 1080 Wien.

Das Programm

Das Programm der PrivacyWeek wird am Freitag veröffentlicht und umfasst Vorträge, Workshops, …

34C3 Tickets: Status and Open Sale


Since August, the first tickets for 34C3 can be bought using a voucher. This voucher phase will continue until October, 15th 2017 or until the ticket quota assigned for this phase is empty. At this point, all issued vouchers will be invalid with the exception of Angel vouchers which are valid until November, 15th 2017.

After the end of the first phase, we will open the ticket shop to everyone interested. To distribute chances to buy a ticket more fairly, we will distribute the remaining tickets into three quotas on three dates:

  • Thursday, 2017-10-19 20:00 CEST,
  • Sunday, 2017-10-29 15:00 CET …

34C3 Presale


It’s that time of the year again – we’re opening the presale for this year’s Chaos Communication Congress!

Again, there will be two phases, with the first one starting today.
During the first phase, we’d like to invite the core of our community to participate in the presale.
It will end as soon as no more tickets are left in the pool for this phase, but by 2017-10-15 at the latest.

During the second phase we’ll open the presale to everybody on a number of pre-announced time slots. We’ll announce these open presale dates at least two weeks ahead of time on this site.

We’ll offer all tickets for …

MRMCD15: Fahrplanpreview


Liebe Sportsfreunde,

die Wettbewerbsleitung hat in den vergangenen Tagen eine Rekordzahl an Vortragseinreichungen gesichtet und ein sehr abwechslungsreiches und spannendes Programm für die MRMCD geplant. Vielen Dank an alle Einreicher für wirklich tolle Beiträge! Mittlerweile sollten alle angenommenen Vorträger eine entsprechende Bestätigungsmail erhalten haben. Den vollständigen Fahrplan können wir erst veröffentlichen, wenn alle Vortragenden ihre Termine bestätigt haben und das Programm final steht. Als kleinen Service bieten wir aber schon mal einen unvollständigen (!) Ausblick auf das …

Online Ticket Sale is Closing Soon


If you want to buy a ticket from our online ticket sale, do it now!

**We’ll close on  December 10th 2012, 23:59:59 CET. **

We’re doing this in order to grant each of you 2 weeks for making the payment. Probably there will be tickets for sale on site on 29C3, but be warned – we do not promise yet.

29C3 – Tickets and Pricing


29C3 will cost us much more than standard tickets priced at 80 EUR will pay. Thus we’ll sell supporter tickets for 100 and 120 EUR. Please consider buying one of these. Help us minimize our losses and support others who can’t afford paying much more! Thanks a lot! :)

Moving the 29C3 to Hamburg will cost a lot of money. As far as we know yet, 80 EUR for a standard ticket will not cover those costs, even if a lot more people will show up at the …

Letzte Phase des mrmcd-Vorverkaufs


Der Vorverkauf für die mrmcd (die vom 7. bis 9. September 2012 in Darmstadt stattfinden) geht in die letzte Runde!

Noch knapp zehn Tage, bis zum 20. August 2012, gibt es für nur 15 Euro neben dem Ticket auch eine schicke Tasse und Zugriff auf das Frühstück. Das Ticket ist auch für das Konzert von Pornophonique am Samstagabend gültig.

Details gibt es auf der Ticketseite im Wiki, die Tickets selbst gibt es über das Vorverkaufssystem.

Außerdem ist das die Gelegenheit für Euch, noch einen Talk oder Workshop im Frab einzureichen.

28C3 – Can’t Afford to Pay the Full Price?


Since we forgot to mention it in the first place: Yes, we do have a 28c3-friends request address for people who can’t afford to pay the full ticket price. We’ve added information to

If you or someone you know can’t afford to pay the full price for a ticket, send a mail to Please tell us, why this person can’t pay the full price and why he or she should take part in 28C3 nevertheless. Usually we agree on some affordable price. But please keep in mind that tickets are already very cheap and that we can handle only a limited …

28C3 Tickets


In few words.


  • Sunday, November 06, 10:00PM CET (UTC+1) (½ of all tickets)
  • Monday, November 14, 16:00PM CET (UTC+1) (¼ of all tickets)
  • Tuesday, November 29, 10:00AM CET (UTC+1) (¼ of all tickets)


Standard EUR 80,–
Members CCC e.V. EUR 50,–
Up-and-Coming Hackers EUR 25,– (born after 1993-12-26)
Supporters EUR 140,-
Business EUR 280,- (excl. VAT)


Camp Tickets Downloadable Now


Finally we’re done with generating all ticket PDFs! :)

If you’ve ordered a Camp ticket in the online sales system and also payed it, you can download your ticket from now.

For those of you, who registered an email address we’ll additionally send the PDFs by mail.

Please print out your tickets and bring them to the Camp! You need them in order to get your wrist bands.

Ticket Shop Closes Soon


The online shop for Camp tickets will close at 2011/07/20, two days from now.

If you didn’t buy a ticket yet, you should better go to our online shop now and buy one.

Since we don’t know, how many tickets we’ll still have left after online sales, we can’t promise there will be ticket sales at the door. Probably there will be, but if you want to be sure, better buy your tickets now!

Camp 2011: Ticket Shop Opened


We’re selling tickets for the Camp now. For more information, please read the Tickets page in our wiki.

Although the advance sale will be available until July 20th 2011, please order your tickets early. That helps us, because it tells us something about the number of participants and thus enables us to scale infrastructure to your needs.

The main presale for 27C3 is beginning


Dear attendants in spe,

as announced earlier, the second batch of tickets for 27C3 will be available accompanying the initial Fahrplan release.

At Thursday, November 11th at 9 p.m. CET (that is 8 p.m. UTC), we will release the largest of our three allotments with 2,000 tickets. Log into our presale system. While the first batch was designated to hackers with rather long journeys to allow booking flights and hotels early, most tickets were sold to Germans. We have to rethink the policy for 28C3.

Please watch out for the booby traps below, so you won’t be left unhappy without a ticket:

  • To …

Heads up, Pre-Sale Begins


You’ve probably waited most of two weeks for this: The pre-sale for the 27th Chaos Communication Congress tickets will start this weekend. To be precise: We will open our server ports tomorrow morning, Sunday (October 10th), at 10:10 Berlin time (08:10 UTC).

Category Price
Standard EUR 70
Nachwuchs (below the age of 18) EUR 25
Members of the CCC e. V. EUR 45

For more details, e. g. business tickets, see our wiki and the FAQ.

This will be the first batch of three, offering 800 tickets. The second and largest batch will be available two days after we’ve published the …