rC3 Call for Subtitlers



Have you been hit by lockdown, you’re bored and you are craving for more chaos event feeling? Are you sitting at home and watching recorded Talks from rC3 and past Chaos events?
Bring a little bit of rC3 to your home and help with improving quality and accessibility of the CCC recordings! You can work on the subtitles from the comfort of your home, as long or as short as you like to!

How does this work?
The transcripts are generated automatically by speech recognition software and improved and corrected by you. Since talks contain lots of domain-specific terms and may have …

#tuwat, make congress accessible for all creatures


Are you suffering from post-congress withdrawal? Do you want to watch congress talks but keep scrolling, thinking “meh”?
#tuwat, watch talks and be a productive part of congress at the same time!
Our subtitling efforts continue between congresses, join us on and in our IRC channel #subtitles on!

What’s there to do?

Creating subtitles comprises two phases: writing the transcript and mapping it to the video.
For the first phase you will need to correct an autogenerated transcript. If you would rather like to write a transcript from scratch, you are of …