Camp 2023 – Awareness

Camp 2023 – Awareness


There will be an awareness team at the camp in 2023 again. c3awareness is there for you if, for example:

  • you have been harassed or discriminated against,
  • your personal boundaries have been violated,
  • you experience (personal or structural) discrimination,
  • you feel uncomfortable and need a person to talk to.

The most direct way to reach us is by DECT (113), but you can also contact us by mail, via Mastodon or Matrix. If you don’t have DECT, you can also go to the Infodesk or ask someone with DECT to call us. Or you can come to our contact point at CERT.

If you are asking yourself, “Can I go to …

The 34C3 Awareness Team


Not all of the 15.000 visitors at 34C3 will have the same needs and stance.

Thoughtfulness and respecting individual boundaries should be taken for granted. But within such a large crowd, individual boundaries can be crossed – sometimes even without the intention to do so.

This is why – just like in past years – there will be an awareness team at 34C3. The awareness team will work closely together with the team “Safety and Security” and the “Chaos Emergency Response Team” (CERT).

  • Safety & Security: DECT 110
  • CERT: DECT 112
  • Awarenessteam: DECT 113

If you do not have a DECT phone, any angel …