Camp 2023 – Call for Culture!

Camp 2023 – Call for Culture!

The Call for Particpation has been extended not only in terms of the deadline, but also its scope. We want to inspire you to use the stages for more than just talks! Two new tracks have been added for this purpose: “performance” and “entertainment”. These can include practically anything that can happen on a stage beyond a regular talk (or DJ set).

Among the things we had in previous events were code readings or beautiful Fnords – there also were poetry slams or lyrical code. Games, contests or audio features have been staged regularly. Maybe you would enjoy reenacting your village organisational meetings as an audio drama, or one of your plenaries as theatre? It is not a requirement that you a cover a full time slot; we will surely find a space for a shorter performance, sketch or reading as well.

Read the original Call for Participation with all details about the process:

We are very keen to receive your creative ideas and submissions of an entertaining/artistic kind, and we would be very happy if you spread this call beyond our usual bubbles!

Please use the conference planning system for your submissions as usual, and help others with the form filling: