Camp 2023 - Call for Participation

Camp 2023 - Call for Participation

It is one of those special years again – a Chaos Communication Camp is going to happen. We invite you to submit talks for this hacker event that only takes place every four years.

There will be five channel stages where talks will be held over five days at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. The stages are managed by multiple groups, each with their own focus. We are looking forward to your submissions on topics around technology, hacking, InfoSec, decentralised networks, Free Software, sustainability, digital & human rights.

We welcome all content proposals and submissions. In particular we want to encourage FLINTA* (Female, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender) and Queer individuals, BIPOC and humans from the Global South to submit their talks, workshops or Lightning Talks.

These channels are keen to receive your submissions:

Milliways with the following topics: InfoSec and “hands-on” talks on offensive and defensive security. Other focal points on the Milliways stage include hacking, tinkering with or without software, firmware, computer architecture and algorithms, as well as presentations on social engineering.

Digitalcourage is curating a programme on (digital) politics and welcomes submissions for talks, workshops or artistic contributions. In a tent hosting about 50 people, there will be room for all kinds of topics dealing with a world worth living in the digital age.

Jugend hackt [youth is hacking] will be happy to receive your submission for ages 12 to 21. We welcome any proposals ranging from talks, workshops, to sports, games and other fun activities. Follow this link to the CfP of Jugend hackt.

Bits & Bäume [bits and trees] has a technical and socio-political focus, and is looking forward to talks and workshops on decentralised networks, free software, sustainability and social responsibility.

The Nerds from the OberRheinische Tiefebene [Upper Rhine Plain] and xHain (N:O:R:T:x) are looking forward to anything “normal”: fnords, whacky, unfinished, cute, fluffy, …

If you don’t want to submit a talk or workshop, but would like to present your musical talents at the event, we are looking forward to your submission.

You can choose between the track “live act” for a band or solo project and “DJ set” for DJ Sets.. In order for us to find your submissions, please choose ‘Performance’ as the submission type.

Dates und Deadlines

This Call for Proposals end on 9 June 2023. We will let you know one month later whether your talk was selected.

Notes on Submission

All proposals must be submitted through our Conference Planning tool (Pretalx).

You can find it here:

Content Notes

Please consider adding content notes to your submission. This can help your audience to be prepared especially for sensitive topics. We recommended that you read the information provided by the Inclusion Operation Center.

Feel free to indicate whether your talk is suitable for or even aimed at minors.


The following content formats can be submitted (“session type” in Pretalx):

  • Talks (45 minutes + 15 minutes for questions)
  • Short Talk (20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions)
  • Lightning Talks (5 minutes, no questions)
  • Live Workshop (60 Minutes)
  • Performance (60 Minutes)

Submissions for workshops without live streaming will be made possible in other ways.


The Camp has an international audience. But of course many German speakers will be in attendance. A lot of content was presented in English in past events. If you struggle with presenting in English, we encourage you to consider if presenting in German would suit you better. C3Lingo will try their best to provide simultaneous translation between these two languages for many talks.

Please submit the meta information for your talk in the same language that you will use to give your talk. This helps reduce confusion.


Audio and video recordings will be published in multiple formats on under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This license allows other media to commercially use this content for news reporting.

If you do not wish your talk to be recorded or livestreamed, please state so in your submission. For technological reasons it does not make sense to livestream but not record a talk, as livestreams can be recorded and published by the audience.

What we do not want

Submissions for this event should be entertaining and educational. The audience is much more interested in social and/or technical aspects of a topic than in a “product presentation”.

The Camp is a forum for civil society. It takes a critical stance on topics such as “security” policy, copyright, surveillance and intelligence agencies. We reserve the right to be less open towards submissions from active actors in these fields.

Entrance fee & travel expenses

The Camp is a non-commercial event. It is facilitated by the community and costs are to be distributed on a basis of solidarity between all participants. We therefore do not differentiate between attendees, speaker and angels. This means that speakers cannot be reimbursed for travel or other expenses.

A talk submission does not guarantee access to the Camp. Please make sure to buy a ticket as soon as the presale starts.

Should your circumstances make it impossible for you to afford the entrance fee, you can ask for a “friends” ticket.

If you are travelling from outside the European Union, please remember to arrange for a visa in time. Unfortunately we are not able to issue invitation letters. If you need to apply for a visa, please state this in your content submission. We will then strive to expedite your submission in the selection process.

Photo CC BY 2.0 bin hacken