Decentralized End-of-Year Event

As announced earlier, there will be no Congress and no centrally organised rC3 in 2022. This is a challenge that the community was happy to accept. Various groups are organising decentralised events with talks, workshops and other things in the usual Congress season. Parts of these events can be visited in person and other parts can be followed online.

We have prepared an overview of all these events, sorted by (physical) location. This list might be expanded in the coming weeks. All broadcasts will be viewable on live and as recordings later.

Please remember that the individual groups are organising these events autonomously and are individually responsible for their own content.

We are listing the event locations with links to OpenStreetMap. All locations have their own rules for access, some require tickets. Check the websites of the individual events before travelling.

Are you a hackerspace or a chaos-adjacent group that wants to hold an event around Congress time? Please do! You need help with stuff? Feel free to contact the organisers of other decentral events this year in the matrix channel


Diese Übersicht basiert auf einer Karte von NordNordWest und steht unter der CC BY-SA 3.0 Lizenz, via Wikimedia Commons / Based on a map by NordNordWest, CC BY-SA 3.0 license, via Wikimedia Commons

Deutschland / Germany


Jahresendveranstaltung 2022

Chaos Computer Club Aachen invites you to its local end-of-year event 2022. We will watch livestreamed talks and drink mulled wine, punch, Tschunk, or anything you want to bring!

You can join us whenever the Club status on top of our website says Open (typically from the afternoon until open end). Please do a Covid self test before joining us, or alternatively ask us for one at the entrance.

We look forward to seeing you!



hackwerk Aalen

The Chaostreff Aalen is taking part in the decentralised end-of-year event, too. We invite you from 29–31 December to a nice get-together with many Chaos beings in Aalen. We will watch the streams on together with some Glühtschunks and Mate, but we also intend to give talks and stream ourselves. You can submit your talks via our CfP.

Please click for a ticket (we use the ticket system to know the rough number of participants).



///Hacking in Parallel/// c-base/ETI

Part of our chaotic, decentralised, intergalactic community will be meeting in the rooms of ETI Schauspielschule Berlin at ///Hacking in Parallel/// on 27–30 December. The ETI, 900m away from the BCC, is just next to the Spree river at Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin, above the c-base. ///HiP/// is organised by members of AfRA, Bits & Trees, xHain, Milliways, freeside, openStudio, c-base and other chaos-related entities and communities, in cooperation with Digitale Gesellschaft.




The plans by Digitalcourage to open their (studio) rooms for the end-of-year cyber on 27 and 28 December sadly had to be cancelled due to Covid. We will still broadcast some talks, thanks to the R3S crew.




Chaosdorf will be open on 27–30 December from noon to night. We will watch the streams together, but will also prepare small workshops, talks and music. Naturally, some communal cooking and eating will occur. Join us!

We ask you to self-test for COVID-19 in advance and to wear a mask inside our space.



Enter the space47

On 27 and 28 December, the new Duisburg hackspace initiative space47 invites you to the sociocultural center Stapeltor in Duisburg. Both days will go from 13:00 to an open end. There will be a hackcenter and cafe area, as well as a space to watch streams of other Chaos events together.



Wintergalaktische Club Mate Party

On 27–30 December we would like to invite you to the Wintergalactic Club Mate Party. Together with you we want to round off the year with mate, colourful lights, good music and creative hacking. There will also be a programme with workshops and talks, both on site and streamed to the Internet.



Chily con Chaos

A small event, organized by MudByte from Gießen, that takes place in Aßlar (near Gießen). Warm meals (chili con carne, vegan chili, 24-hour breakfast), hacking in a cosy, colourful room, soldering and tinkering at tables, workshops and some lectures. There will also be a Public Day where the local amateur radio club will demo shortwave radio, satellite radio and packet radio.



Connecting the Dots – Visions for independent Multiverses

The XRevent.Labs Operation Group invites you to xrelog22 at FTZ/HAW Hamburg on 28–30 December.

We want to raise issues relevant to the climate, socio-political, ethical and creative, but also actively develop own spaces and content for an interactive, cross-reality live experience.


Chaos Computer Club Hansestadt Hamburg: Open Chaos

On 27 December everyone is invited to Open Chaos. There’s no fixed programme, we’re just going to watch a stream or two, play with soldering irons and 3D printers, and nerd out together.


Curious Community Labs e.V.

3 Days of fun and creativity / soldering a plant sensor / brewing malt beer / building a Personal DNA-Synthesizer / vegan waffles / microscopy and cooking / workshop: building roof and walls / more talks and discussions / sauna



DLC3 – Dezentraler Lokaler C3

Entities in and around the Heilbronn area will be meeting on 27–30 December at the 42 Heilbronn, with streams, bar and hack center.




Entropia e.V. invites you to mulled wine, non-alcoholic punch and other treats from 27–30 December. The focus of the Glühweinprogrammiernacht is on hacking and being together without much effort or strict organization. Spontaneous talks, workshops and other escalations are very welcome!

This time we return to the original location of the Gulaschprogrammiernacht: The Gewerbehof Karlsruhe. We will transform our hackerspace and the Café Palaver into a location for four days of hacking, soldering, and being together.

Please register for a rough estimate of participant numbers.



dC3 im flipdot Kassel

We are staging a small gathering in our hackspace. On 27–30 December we will stream selected talks from other spaces, hack on our projects and maybe even cook something. On 29 December there will be a few workshops on site and a small after party.

Come and join us! No entrance fee.



hacKNology e.V.

In Konstanz you’re not compelled to stay alone, missing your end-of-year Congress. Instead, we can get together, tinker on projects, hold and listen to talks and eat some great food.

Everyone is welcome!



Chaos im KalkSpace

On 28–30 December there will be Chaos in KalkSpace: two workshops and a Hebocon, Electro on the ears and waffles in the mouth. We will also watch talks from the Chaos.

Please come only if you are tested and free of symptoms.



localverse 2022

After this long period of abstinence, we won’t leave you without a congress in Leipzig. A network of local projects like the dezentrale and the Hackbar are planning a small program from 27 to 30 December. There will be lectures and workshops at different locations in Leipzig. Congresses depend on you getting involved, so it’s your time to shine as well.




There is no fixed programme. From 27 to 30 December we want to continue building our space together, hack, watch streams, craft, bake delicious waffles and cook stews, and of course just spend time together with a big cup of steaming hot chocolate.



Südbairische Hackspacetour

OpenLab Augsburg, the Munich Maker Lab and the muCCC are planning a decentralised open space in between the holidays. On each space’s respective day, visitors from the other spaces are cordially invited to drop in, chat, cook, watch streams, exchange experiences, give talks and workshops, hack with things, and much more.


Forum für Freiraum – Gib Uns Mehr!

  • 26–31 December, in Munich (near central station)
  • Workshops, lectures and discussions as well as exhibitions and cultural programme
  • Feel free to get involved in our Open Call / Call for Participation!



KampHack: Wongress ’22

On 28–30 December the Warpzone would like to invite you to its event KampHack: Wongress ’22. There will be exciting talks and workshops, but also yummy waffles and cold mate. And we’ll provide an EPDDI (EVENTPHONE Decentralized DECT Infrastructure). So bring your DECT! :-D



RTC – Reconnect To Chaos

There will be a small on-site event between 27 and 30 December at freiLand Potsdam. It is organized by the Chaostreff Potsdam. We call it “RTC – Reconnect To Chaos!” We have a stage, several workshop rooms and an interesting outdoor area. We will stream the talks and there will be a wide variety of workshops, music and arts – based on your contributions!


Reetzerhütten (Alte Hölle)

Hacking in Hell

The year is coming to an end and we want to wind it down with you! For that purpose we’re organising a cosy end-of-year event: Hacking in Hell! And we want you to be part of it! The focus is on making, tinkering, hacking, crafting and sharing knowledge. Of course there will be a small program, a little bit of here and there, lots of Chaos and delicious food. If you would like to get involved: create a workshop, initiate a topic talk, give a presentation, show your new hot project, …, then sign up in our Call for Participation! Otherwise, keep your diaries clear on 27–30 December, come by and join in on the fun! 🙂 We look forward to seeing you!




We’re going to have an open house from 27 to 30 December. Doors will open daily around 13:00. Everyone is invited to join.

There will be a workshop on 30 December at 15:00: “sweethome3d – modelling living spaces using open-source software”



Chaos Reboot ’23

The UN-Hack-Bar will be open around 14:00 for the end-of-the-year event on 27–30 December. We will have a small retro gaming corner (C64, SNES, Gameboy DS). We also offer small, spontaneous talks (Introduction to vector graphics and how to use the laser cutter, 3D printing in general and resign printer in particular) and we will also watch some streams from other locations. Last but not least you can meet a bunch of people to talk to.


Schweiz / Switzerland


27–30 Dec in Berne, Switzerland

The hackbar is a local relay for streams and pre-recorded talks, mostly about cyber-security-related topics. More information can be found on our website.


Lausanne (Renens)

FIXME Hackerspace

27–30 December in Renens, Switzerland

FIXME is organising a mini-CCC at our hackerspace, aiming at recreating the CCC experience, enjoying past/present talks, discussions, working on fun projects, eating curry wurst and drinking club mate. Open for everyone!


27–30 décembre à Renens, Suisse

FIXME organise un mini-CCC dans notre hackerspace, dans le but d’offir une expérience du CCC, de regarder des conférences passées/présentes, de discuter, de travailler sur des projets funs, de manger des curry wurst et boire du club mate. Ouvert à tous-tes!




28–30 Dec in Kriens, Switzerland

LuXeria and LABOR Luzern are organising the Winterchaos at the LABOR hackspace in Kriens. A meet-up for hackers, nerds, makers, utopists or interested creatures with local talks and workshops (held in German).

The talks will be streamed. Details about the streams will be available on the event website.


Österreich / Austria



28–30 Dec in Linz, Austria

Hackerspace /dev/lol is open and guests are welcome.


Niederlande / Netherlands


TkkrLab CCC Remote – ReadOnly

On 28–29 December we will open the doors from 14:00–23:00 for some joint viewing of the CCC video streams. Hang out with friendly nerds in our space and tinker with your projects.

More info at TkkrLab Remote CCC


Dänemark / Denmark


Labitat Remote CCC

Labitat invites you on 27–28 December for a few days of cosy hacking. We will be hosting a few talks, live stream talks from other decentralised events, have boiler room music in our bunkers, ensure the cosy area is cosy and the working area is working.

Participantion is free of charge, but we need your help in keeping the event awesome by helping each other out.


Norwegen / Norway



oslohack:22 on 28–30 December is organized by members of the hackerspace Hackeriet in Oslo. There will be talks, workshops, socializing, streams from related events, club mate and stuff. There is also a chill area with sofas, and tables for people who want to bring their laptop, hack on projects, learn something, or just hang out.

The event is free to attend.


Griechenland / Greece


Hackanaskopisi 2022 (hsgr) invites you into our marathon event for the last days of 2022. On 26–30 December from 10:00 to 22:00 (and maybe later), hsgr will be open for getting and hacking together.

There is no official programme, spontaneous talks, discussions, workshops or anything else are more than welcome. If you are in Athens these days, come and visit us.


Το (hsgr) σας καλεί στη μαραθώνια εκδήλωση των τελευταίων ημερών του 2022. Από 26 μέχρι 30 Δεκεμβρίου, από τις 10 το πρωί μέχρι τις 10 το βράδυ (ίσως και λίγο πιο αργά), στον χώρο του hsgr μαζευόμαστε για να τα πούμε και να χακάρουμε παρέα.

Αυθόρμητες παρουσιάσεις, συζητήσεις, workshops και ότι άλλο προκύψει είναι μες το πρόγραμμα και ευπρόσδεκτα, κοινώς δεν υπάρχει πρόγραμμα. Μια καλή ευκαιρία για όσους δεν μας ξέρουν να έρθουν να γνωρίσουν τον χώρο.


United States of America

New York

DWeb NY Pre-kickoff + RemoteCCC @ Woodbine

27 December, 9:00 – 28 December, 21:00 (EST)

A new DWeb Node is being formed! What does this mean? Come and find out!

Relevant topics include: decentralized web, digital commons, co-ops, governance, privacy, anti-surveillance, software freedom.




A remote-only event by Haecksen and R3S with talks, workshops, rants and socialising.