Forum für Freiraum - Gib Uns Mehr!

Forum für Freiraum - Gib Uns Mehr!

From December 26th to 31st, 2022, the Bündnis Freiräumen will host a forum for free space in a former 6000sqm vacant lot near Munich’s main train station.

There will be free workshops, lectures and discussions as well as exhibitions and a cultural program. The topics will center around the activation and use of (public) spaces, content-related, creative and political dimensions of and about free spaces, self-organization and much more.

This year’s program will cut across social themes and concerns, but will continue to focus on free spaces, the empowerment and strengthening of collective structures, cultural education and socioculture in Munich.

There is also room for spontaneous formats, ideas, exchange and needs that arise on site or in advance.

Feel free to get involved in our Open Call / Call for Participation! More information will be available on the website.