[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Meta-Call for Participation

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Meta-Call for Participation

Against all our expectations, wishes and dreams, there won’t be an in-person Congress again this year. But in all likelihood, it won’t be a fully remote Congress either. And it won’t be just a repeat of last year. It’s going to be a new de-centralized (remote) Congress, with local spaces hosting events and distributed stages.

The stages are managed by individual channels. Each channel has its own focus and Call for Participation.

In this Meta CfP, we’re presenting all the channels. We also want be transparent about what we want to present at rC3 - NOWHERE.

Common Rules

We have agreed on some common rules. These apply to any submission to a channel.


The content submission deadline is 24th November at 23:42 Europe/Berlin. In the interest of fair play, there will be no exceptions.

In the next step, we, the channels, will review the submissions, and will let you know about acceptance or rejection by 4th December at 23:42.

The event will be from 27th December to 30th December.

Multiple Submissions

There are a lot of channels and thus there are a lot of possibilities to submit content. Please state to which channels you are submitting your content if you are submitting to more than one.

In case of multiple submissions there will be a decision as to which channel will host you.

Content Curation

If you submit to one channel but the content team of that channel determines that another channel might better suit your talk, we will forward to your submission to the matching channel. If there are two nearly identical submissions on different channels, we might ask you to merge them.

If you would rather not be subject to this curation, please state so in your submission.


The following list of channels is sorted by chaos and magick and presents the channels and their topics. You’ll find further information in the linked CfPs.

RC1 / Main Track

In contrast to last year, there will be no dedicated channel as main track. Thus, there won’t be any Call for Participation for a main track at rC3 2021 NOWHERE.


Social problems cannot be solved by technology, but technology can help. From home labs to hyperscaler, from pirate radio stations to the highly professional media agencies and from home LAN cabling to intercontinental networks, we are interested in your submissions on technology itself, approaches to using it creatively, its influence on our society, and why certain things should (rather not) be done.

Submit your content at the CfP@FeM !



The spectrum of the c-base channel service offers includes conceptual consulting services and operational process services for comprehensive know-how transfer in a strong added-value chain.

Whether live or remote: We are looking for you and your ideas for the joint development of high-quality and sustainable content from the fields of art & beauty, society and internet politics!

The c-base brand, with its multi-level innovative multiplier platform, is a problem-solving approach to address societal challenges in a broad systemic solution-oriented community participation process. We avoid the usual “bullshit bingo” and we don’t only pick the low-hanging fruits!

Take advantage of the opportunities that the biggest end-of-the-year event of the European hacker scene opens up for you and publish on “c-base” in your own personal time slot.

Submit your content at the CfP@c-base !

Chaos-West TV


“Back to the roots!”

Introductory talks about tech things, fancy science foo explained, also for mere mortals without a PhD, or just a heartfelt presentation of your weird nerd hobby will find a home here.

Sadly this year we don’t have a big stage at the Congress, but rather a physical studio in Ennepetal. We would love to have you with us at our old industrial location with lots of space for crazy ideas. There will be just a handful of seats in front of the stage, but we’ll transmit in realtime to the Hackcenter in the next building.

Submit your content at the CfP@CW-TV !



R3S - Sharks in Cyberspace.

Like last year, we will have a real venue with lighting, audio and streaming equipment at the RemoteRheinRuhrStage.So if you want to have [almost ;-)] real stage feeling again, you are welcome to join us in the auditorium of the Volkshochschule in Monheim am Rhein. Monheim is located between the two big cities Cologne and Düsseldorf easily reachable by public transport.

Feel invited if you have something to say, show, tinker an subjects like Open source, Data Security or Sustainability. Of course we are also interested in all other cyber topics you bring to us.

You can present your contribution live on location in Monheim am Rhein or remotely via video conference. You can also pre-record your talk, but we would like to have a live q&a with the audience.

Submit your content at the CfP@R3S!

Chaosstudio Hamburg – We feel homesick for the future


We feel homesick for the future. For this reason, Chaosstudio Hamburg invites you to participate in rC3.

We’re looking forward to your contribution from the fields of science or technology, especially if it is connected to the Hamburg region. Or artistic contributions like performances, video art, or a virtual exhibition? You have the content, we have the stage.

Please choose: a talk/lecture 30 minutes in duration (plus q&a), or a lightning talk up to 10 minutes long. For your art project, we offer flexible time slots.

You can present your contribution live on location at Chaos Computer Club Hamburg or remotely via video conference. You can also pre-record your talk, but we would like to have a live q&a with the audience.

Please send your proposal through the conference management system. Be excellent to each other!

ChaosZone TV


Dear travelers,

in a well known place, not long in the past, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, life forms came together to tell stories. Of good and of bad deeds, of their plans and their dreams. History became legend, legend became myth. And between flickering shadows on screens the color of television tuned to a dead channel …

STOP. There’s still something here.

Even if we once again can’t meet in Leipzig, the ChaosZone will offer you a stage for your talks, projects and art performances. The production capacities of the ChaosZone TV capital studio in Halle are secured and the working people of the CCCP are already tirelessly preparing a decentralized event with a stage in Potsdam.

Submit your content at the CfP@CZTV !


franconian.net, a cluster of several franconian hackspaces (namely Hackzogtum Coburg e.V., Nerd2Nerd e.V. and backspace e.V.), invites you to submit your proposals for interesting talks, workshops and other performances until 23rd of November 2021 at 23:42 CET (that’s 22:42 UTC) to our Call for Participation (CfP).

You’ve got some interesting project that you want to show others? Enter your talk into our CfP now!

There’s $tool or $programming_language you have some experience in using? Teach people about it in a workshop!

You may come to our “studio” in Bamberg if the situation between Christmas and New Year’s permits it. In any case, there will be the possibility to join us from home with your webcam. The audience is going to be exclusively remote via live stream.

about:future / hackers against climate change München

about:future logo

What to do while the climate crisis continues? Where to start, and how? Where can we build alternatives — to inescapable car traffic, to non-recycable or non-repariable things, to ideologies that will dismiss any kind of change as impossible? And how might these look like? Just like at last year’s rc3 we want to provide a stage for these topics as part of the about:future cluster.

⚠️ We are a relatively small team who will run a relatively small programme, and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to run a wholly remote stage as well, so everything will be live-streamed from our local studio in Munich. Please make sure you can be there for your talk (sometime during Congress, i.e. between 27 and 30 December), and consider also submitting your idea to other channels.

Go to CfP



The Sendezentrum will offer a program of live podcasts and talks on podcasting topics. The Sendezentrum is virtual only, there is no physical stage. https://sendegate.de/t/sendezentrum-rc3-2021-call-for-participation-live-podcasts-talks-workshops/14536



“Just another day in Paradise” is the motto under which the Haecksen will end the year 2021 with you. To really make the end-of-year event a paradise, we need you, your ideas, your creativity or your know-how. Therefore, submit your talk, workshop, lightning talk or panel to our CfP.

Submit your content at the CfP@haecksen !

If you have any questions in advance or if you aren’t sure whether your idea fits our channel, just contact us at event-orga2021 [at] lists.haecksen.org.

gehacktes from hell

…or: Life in the countryside In our channel we deal with everything that concerns people in the countryside. From transport connections, political participation and equal rights to climate change and digitalization. In doing so, we want to look beyond the village borders into the world, but also take care of the challenges that an urban population does not have to deal with.


xHain hack+makespace


xHain will be opening its doors for this years’ rc3! We look forward to welcoming you under our trees.

Do you think that because there’s no central Chaos Communication Congress you won’t be able to share your ideas in front of a audience? Do you work on a cool project and want to get the word out? Did you come up with an awesome hack that you need to share? Did you break something and exciting things happened in the process? Go ahead and enter your talk now!

Between trees and under glowing clouds you’ll find the Lichtung (clearing) - our stage for your talks and discussions. Whether it’s about (network) politics, ecological topics, presentation of the latest security threats or exciting hack + make projects - we look forward to your submission. There is enough space for workshops and basic equipment, such as soldering irons, 3D printer, etc., is available to be used.

Online submissions only: All presentation proposals need to be submitted via our conference planning system.