#rC3: Takeoff

#rC3: Takeoff

This is the final blog post in the series while the last bits and bytes are falling into place: Getting Ready for the remote Chaos Experience.

Today we’ll give you some more information that you should definitely remember for rC3. Let’s get to work!

When and where does it start?

The digital gates of rC3 open tomorrow, 27.12.2020, at 12:20 pm with the intro in the stream rC1 and the ticket content at rc3.world .

How do the tickets work?

Current status: The ticket mails have not been sent yet!

Check your mailbox! You will receive a link to the ticket shop at the e-mail address you entered when purchasing your tickets. There you will find one or more links that allow you to register an account on the rC3 platform.

After registering, you will be able to explore the platform on rc3.world. The 2D World will take a few more hours, but as soon as it is accessible, you will also find the entrance in the logged-in area.

We’re moving the link collection to https://links.rc3.world/

Where is the Fahrplan?

You can now find the rC3 timetable at https://rc3.world/rc3/public_fahrplan/.

Some of you have already found and shared various working versions of the timetable. If you have read such a preliminary version, please check again if your favourite talks have moved, and also look around for more exciting talks! More community content, like the self-organised sessions, can be found behind the login.

Where to find help and answers?

The first place to go if you need help or are looking for answers is the Infodesk – maybe even for the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything!

If you experience or witness discrimination or harassment, or just need a person to talk to, you can contact the Awareness Team.

There will also be reporting buttons at strategic places in the plain UI.

Please conduct yourselves according to the principles, which apply to all Chaos events.

What do I have to watch out for if someone is not excellent, so that my data etc. is safe?

This is the internet …

With all our trust in the Chaos community, we would like to remind you not to become careless with your data and your security at rC3 either.

The rC3 welcomes many very capable hackers, makers, whistleblowers and many more – this not only arouses interest in the realisation of the event, but also in the data of the participants. Therefore, please adhere to the basic security rules of the public internet, even in the family chaos circle. Just because we do not sell your data does not make the platform full of beings magically safe!

So be sceptical in the best sense of the word: don’t give out your real name and other identifying data lightly, and don’t give out other people’s data. Think about where you want your face to be shown and understand if someone doesn’t want to turn on the camera. If you do not want to show yourself: Perhaps your cat or your cuddly shark would like to step in?

For the hackers who are already licking their fingers for pentesting and CTFs, we are planning our own test instance of the 2D world. You have found a security hole and are cool? Get in touch with us.

You help us to fix a particularly exciting hack? You deserve praise and recognition. Maybe you’d like to report on it at the next event?

This not only makes rC3 safer for all participants, but also advances open source software a great deal. We are looking forward to many exciting lessons learned.

6-2-1-10 @home

In old congress tradition, we would like to remind you of the 6-2-1 rule for conventions and introduce it to those who don’t know it.

Allow yourself at least per earth rotation:

6 hours of sleep

2 hot meals

1 shower

Per person!

After three quarters of a year of stay-at-home with few incentives to leave our own four walls, we freely add to the rule:

10 minutes of daylight on your face (sun is best, if available)

This may sound trivial to some of you, but 6-2-1 @home is as important as ever. Experienced hackers know that over time your attention span decreases, your patience decreases with it and your eyes need a break from all the LED light. Take regular breaks and remind your fellow beings to follow suit.

What awaits us tomorrow?

We’ve heard the question “What will rC3 be like?” a lot in the past few months, and finding an answer is about as complicated as asking you what it was like at the Congress. The best answer we can give is:

We can only guess what rC3 will be like, because Chaos events have one major difference to other events: we don’t deliver a finished construct to look and marvel at. That would not sweep very many hackers and makers off their feet. Part of the indescribable Chaos is the feeling of coming to an event where you can touch, improve and help create at any time. And so, we are sure, you will give the rC3 new shapes and colours right up to the last day. We wish you lots of fun!