Icanhaz Fahrplan!

Just in time for the event, the complete #rC3 timetable provides a unified overview of the “main program” and all community streams.

In addition to the virtual halls 1 and 2, appropriately titled “rc1” and “rc2”, the music program of the “rc3 Lounge” may of course not be missing.

In addition, 15 community streams contribute their independently curated program to the decentralized Remote Chaos Experience.

The independently organized and decentralized community streams provide the following “channels:”

  • c-base mainhall
  • Chaosstudio Hamburg
  • Chaostrawler
  • Chaos-West TV
  • Chaoszone TV
  • Franconian.net
  • Hacc / About:Future
  • KreaturWorks
  • Open Infrastructure Orbit / About:Freedom
  • Remote Rhine Ruhr Stage
  • Restrealität
  • Sendezentrum
  • Wikipaka
  • X-Hain Berlin

We would like to thank the community studios, who also actively support the production of the main program!

Here’s the complete Fahrplan with rc1, rc2, rc3 Lounge
and all community streams

For mobile users, we recommend the app you trust.

See you tomorrow at 12:20h for the opening :-)