rC3: virtueller Aufbau

rC3: virtueller Aufbau

Welcome back, this time we’re in “serious Saturday” mood, presenting the latest info on #rC3 participation.

We bring you this message while hard at work with the digital build-up. Oldtimers among you might wonder where the Wiki is, when the “Fahrplan” (schedule) will be available and what you can already prepare with and for your assembly.

The short answer is: yes.


The most pressing question probably is if and when more tickets will be available. Our volunteers are working hard trying to solve this problem, a big Thank You to them for that. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have additional news on this topic, in the meantime you can find all available info in this blogpost.

What is the ticket actually for?

As usual at Congress, no ticket is required to access the #rC3 streams, you’ll be able to watch those on media.ccc.de.

The customary Fahrplan for the streams will soon be published here.

Merchandising is also available without a ticket this year, but be aware that the webshop can only guarantee everything to be available until Sunday Dec. 6th, so hurry up and finalize those orders until then!

What do you need a ticket for, actually?
Your ticket will contain credentials for all the #rC3 services (SSO in nerd parlance). Starting point will be the new platform we’re just finalising, it will be available under https://rc3.world. The link might still be worth a look now and a bookmark as it will contain an overview and additional links until then.

Wiki, Fahrplan, Hello World

Everything’s different this year, so #rC3 is running on a new and different software as well. This platform contains all info from the Wiki, the Fahrplan and more, all with a single login. Participants will have one place to look for official events as well as the assemblies, their projects and self-organised sessions. This means that the community content as well as access to workshops and voice/video-chats will all happen on this platform. This will be completed by the assembly-spaces in the “rC3 World”, an online 2D world.

Assemblies offering free content on their own infrastructure will be able to link to those and inform ticket-holders through the rC3 platform.

The rC3 platform will offer badges as a replacement for the usual sticker-swap tables, we hope this will satisfy your hunter-gatherer instincts. Assemblies can offer 2 types of badges:

  • Sticker mode: showing up at the assembly gets the user a badge
  • Achievement mode: the assembly decides what a user has to accomplish in order to get a badge, for example solving a riddle.

The rC3 platform will keep track of a user’s badges, the user can then decide which of their own badges should be visible to other participants.

Engine room

Back to our build-up session! As in previous years we’re looking forward to all this wonderful and diverse content you and your assemblies will create to enrich and participate in this event. Assemblies will have access to a back office courtesy of our software angels. There you will be able to:

  • offer events and workshops (online, streaming, …)
  • announce your own projects
  • manage the members of your assembly and invite them to your back office
    create your own assembly rooms (in the #rC3 World, in the voice/video-chat and so on)
  • upload and manage badges for your assembly

The engine room is in essence the organiser’s corner of your assembly, where you can manage the content your assembly plans to offer and which will then be available to participants. We will launch the engine room shortly and update this space with a link when this happens.

Virtual build-up in the #rC3 World

If you would like to design your own space for your assembly in the #rC3 World keep reading.
Our software angels have written a how-to for designing your own #rC3 World-compatible map in https://howto.rc3.world/maps.html .

Some pixel-pushing angels and assemblies have already created some building blocks and additional material, hoping to provide you with inspiration for your own map. We’ve created a tiles repository, already filled with lovingly crafted compatible pixel graphics and to which you will be able to add your own. It wouldn’t be a Chaos event if you weren’t able to bring your own decorations, would it? The current collection is available at the #rC3 tiles repository.

As the #rC3 seems to have a knack for attracting controversial topics (or the memes you made of them) from events past, we’ll simply do the #Aufbauleaks (build-up leaks) ourselves this time around. If you don’t want to peek (and keep the surprise momentum) please shut your eyes and keep scrolling!

The #rC3 is just being realised, please stand by.

Space station room with logistics containers and buildup material

Space station bar with buildup material

Space station with empty rooms and one room with buildup material