rC3 Ticket Update

Please note: Streams are online available for everybody at media.ccc.de as always. You do NOT need a ticket to watch the streams. Tickets are only needed to access the rc3 world and participate outside of lectures.

Currently there are no tickets for rC3 available. We are really excited to see so many of you wanting to attend. As this event is volunteer-driven as always, resources are limited and this is all a big experiment.

Please be aware, that it’s not possible for us to scale the infrastructure infinitely. This has multiple reasons. The most important ones are:

  • Some infrastructure just doesn’t scale vertically (enough).
  • Every piece of infrastructure needs a human to pet it occasionally.

It’s difficult to plan ahead how many of you will use the infrastructure simultaneously, the whole online-only event thingy is new for us, too. Therefore we do not have any experience from past online events at this scale that we could base our calculations on.

Right now we’re evaluating if it’s in any way possible to make more tickets available. We’ll keep you updated.