rC3: Tickets and Merch now available

rC3: Tickets and Merch now available

This year, CCC hosts the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3).

Ticket sales for rC3 now has started. T-Shirts, Hoodies and Zippers should be ordered until December 6th.

Primarily, rC3 will take place on screens and displays. Various initiatives, hackspaces and living rooms distributed worldwide will create a joint program of streamed talks, online workshops, art and culture. Together, we will experiment with various forms of networked togetherness.

Advance ticket sales

Thanks to the many angels investing their spare time, CCC events are known for their fair ticket prices. For rC3, we do not want to break with this tradition.

The ticket price is 0,00 € + voluntary donation.

But of course rC3 also incurs costs for us. If you would like to support the event, you can either contribute an amount of your choice when buying your ticket, or you can purchase some fancy merchandise.

Click here for the ticket shop.

The good news: There will be no long queue at the merch booth! You can easily order online.

We do not want to impose several weeks of online sales, production, support, debt collection, shipping, returns etc. under hygienic conditions on our volunteer angels. That’s why Tickettoaster takes care of the online store, shipping and everything that goes with it.

We recommend collective orders for data, cost and resource reduction.

Guaranteed availability until December 6th

We take the opportunity to offer a made-to-order advance sale. If you order until December 6th, you are guaranteed to get your desired textile in your size. From December 7th on, chances are it won’t be available much longer.

Order early if you want to wear your shirt in front of the camera at rC3. Logistics and shipping are traditionally at their limits in December. Please be patient if your order does not arrive on time before Christmas. Everybody does their best.

Special: CCC Classics

Beside the brand new rC3-Collection, we also offer shirts with the classic CCC-Logos: Chaosknoten, Pesthörnchen and Tastaturstern.

Of course, there are also shirts for children.

Here you can find the tickettoaster merchandise sale.