rC3 – remote Chaos Experience

This year, CCC hosts the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) instead of an on-site event in Leipzig.
This endeavor requires creativity, joy of experimentation and active support.

A face-to-face event with 17,000 people will be neither responsible nor legally feasible this year. But after this tedious and painful 2020, we really deserve a nice finale!
This is why the rC3 – Remote Chaos Experience will be held.
As much as virtually possible, we want to convey the joy, content, togetherness and wonderful madness that make up a Chaos Communication Congress.

Hackers are used to remote work and online meetings. This makes our annual face-to-face meetings all the more important. Of course, it will be difficult to re-enact online all the things that make Congress what it is for us.
But then someone said it would be impossible. Our ambition was aroused.
Just like every year, we want to see the concentrated energy and creativity of hackers with dedication.

What can I expect?

rC3 will be a variety of distributed small local events in hackspaces with a joint program of streamed talks, online workshops, art, culture and various forms of networked togetherness.

In recent months, CCC has gained quite some experience with digitally distributed online chaos events.
With rC3, we want to grow even beyond that. For this, we need everyone who wants to participate and help shape rC3.

How can I get involved?

You always had great ideas for Congress – but you lacked the space for it?
Common restrictions of the physical world are annoying limitations to your creativity anyway?

Welcome to the Internet! Here, we can develop things that have been impossible so far!
Finally, your living room or hackspace can become a stage, a worldwide workshop space, an art installation!

It’s all our creativity that makes the Congress a wonderland for everyone.
It is the many workshops that inspire young and old for new things every year.
Great lectures convey new knowledge from science, technology and society every year.

What are your ideas for an online gathering?

How can I bring in my ideas? Have your say!

In the next weeks, there will be a Call for Participation at this site. The content track teams are already looking forward to your creative submissions and format ideas!

Until then, we want to collect ideas on how we want to unfold rC3 together.
What do we expect from a remote event?
What new formats, games and easter-eggs are possible?
What can we contribute?
And what mistakes should the C3 teams avoid while planning?

We are looking forward to any input under

When is it again?

Save the date:
December 27-30, 2020
Online and in your local hackspace with your preferred infection community