rC3: Call for Calls

rC3: Call for Calls

This year, the year-end event of the Chaos Computer Club will take place in the digital space. This poses new challenges for us as Phone Operation Center. But those who know us will already know that a “challenge accepted” is part of good manners.

For some time we have been working on a solution to enable a very large decentralized SIP & DECT telephone network. Our vision:

Network like at the congress – everywhere you want it.

Our plan is to have the SIP infrastructure in operation from the 15.11.2020 (0 o’clock). The DECT infrastructure is in productive operation since 10.11.2020. So you can use the telephony infrastructure already during planning and installation. The direct line to your team, your space or your stage. No one spies or saves metadata. After that, we will connect DECT cells via VPN piece by piece and putting them into operation.

The registration of extensions for the rC3 event is already open and extensions can be reserved.

You want to operate a DECT cell as well?

Great, because it won’t work without you. We want to provide Chaos Studios, Hackerspaces, Chaostreffs, offices, spaces, cellars and living rooms with DECT. Therefore we have developed Eventphone Decentralized DECT Infrastructure (EPDDI) for you. Further information will be available in our Wiki under EPDDI from mid-November.

MikroTik Router (hex)

First working EPDDI Router

We can provide a small number of antennas for Chaos Studios, Hackerspaces & Chaostreffs (exclusively). But we do need reliable contact persons to take care of the shipping and to ensure that we get the antennas back safely after the event. If you think this is for you, please contact us at poc ‘at’ eventphone.de.

We are looking forward to this exciting experiment and hope to meet you somewhere in cyberspace in the following weeks. <3

Photos: ST (CC BY 4.0)