rC3: Call for Participation

The Event

This year’s Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) brings together entities from all over the world in digital space. Between Christmas and New Year, we want to try out together what’s possible in cyberspace. We want to talk to each other, exchange ideas and learn from each other. We will talk about hardware, making, science, IT security, politics and whatever else.

Common CfP

The rC3 is a distributed event by us for us. Therefore, the different community stages in different cities play the decentral main role.
All community stages will have access to this CfP, so you submit your contribution to all of them. Of course, you can also directly submit to your community stage of choice.

Contributions can be lectures, workshops and panel discussions or the like. It is important that they are streamable and allow remote participation.

The following Thematic tracks are waiting for you:

  • Ethics, Society & Politics,
  • Hardware & Making,
  • IT security and
  • Science

If in doubt, simply submit your contribution to the track that fits best. In particular, we encourage submissions traditionally categorised as art and culture to do so.
A detailed description of the tracks can be found below.

Chaos Studios, Live-Streams and your living room

The rC3 will take place primarily on screens. But not everyone is comfortable to perform alone at home. That’s why there are several “Chaos Studios” where you can perform on a stage – if the situation allows it, even in front of a small audience. There we can either pre-record or stream live, just like at home.

This gives you the following options for your lecture or workshop:

  • Livestream from your favorite office, living room or similar
  • Livestream from a “Chaos Studio”
  • Pre-produced recording (e.g. if your Internet connection is too unstable for a live presentation or you are unsure whether you want to speak live into a camera).

In any case we would be happy to have a live Q&A with you after your presentation! Please note that the format is not limited to lectures or workshops. Your art project can take place as an online livestream with a fixed schedule just as well!

You don’t have to decide yet how exactly you want to participate. If your submission is accepted, the Recording Management Team will sort out all technical details with you. You will be asked for a quick way to contact you (preferably a telephone number) so that we can reach you on the day of the lecture independent of the internet.

If your contribution is accepted, there will be a technical rehearsal in any case. Please be prepared for a one-hour test run in December.


  • November 20, 2020 (23:59 UTC): Submission deadline (no extension, sorry!),
  • November 30, 2020: Notification of submitters about accepted papers
  • 1. to 20. December 2020 possible pre-production and setting up of the lecture possibilities
  • 1. to 24. December 2020: Test slots with all speakers
  • December 27 to 30, 2020: Remote Chaos Experience

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Info about the tracks

Ethics, Society & Politics

Track Ethics, Society & Politics focuses on the societal, ethical and political implications of technology, and on all aspects of digital life.
We especially invite talks with regard to:

  • Technology and Climate Change
  • Platform regulation
  • Civic disobedience in the digital sphere
  • Emerging technologies – let’s shape the unknown!
    Activist, phantastic, solidaric, and non-commercial ideas, concepts and stories are very welcome. If you shape society and technology with positive energy, this is the track for you.
    Click here to make your submission.

Hardware & Making

This track is all about developing and using things that allow the digital to make a physical impression.

On the one hand, our focus is on the whole process from architecture, planning, creation and debugging of things of all kinds ranging from textiles, musical instruments, robots, means of transporting people and mate, launching stuff into space, alternative energy supplies to medical tools – everything that actually requires getting our hands dirty.

On the other hand, we’re acutely aware of the need balance building hardware and sustaining a livable planet. So please tell us your stories about the expansion, repair, regaining sovereign use of technology and liberation of proprietary systems – from the decapped smart-card to the firmware of your toaster to a modified agricultural machine.

Of course, we’re open to surprises: hit us with all the things we can’t imagine yet – and of course rockets!
Click here to make your submission.


This track is looking for content demonstrating the influence of security aspects on users and machines. We welcome technical submissions focusing on security problems and their solutions in both hardware and software.

If you want to share your discoveries with thousands of fellow security enthusiasts, if you have developed new solutions to previously unsolved problems, or if you have found new problems which we knew nothing about, we want you to present.
Click here to make your submission.


The world is a complex place and improving our understanding of it is more urgent than ever. In light of pressing issues such as the impending destabilization of our climate, or technological developments that have the potential to disrupt our social, cultural, and economic systems, ignorance is clearly not an option anymore.

This track is looking for contributions that increase our understanding of these pressing issues from a scientific perspective.

If you happen to know the nitty-gritty details of, e.g., climate feedback loops, ecological or social systems, renewable energy, sustainable farming, artificial (general) intelligence, gene editing, city development, or if you think you can shine a light in other areas you feel that a broad audience needs to know about, please submit a talk that doesn’t stop at the basics!
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Further information


Since the Remote Chaos Experience is an international conference, much of the content is presented in English. If you do not feel comfortable with English, it is no problem to hold the presentation in German. We prefer a fluent, confident presentation over one with linguistic insecurity. If you want to give your presentation in German, your submission should also be in German so as not to confuse the participants.


The lectures will be streamed live and recordings will be published afterwards in various formats under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0). For media, this license permits the commercial use of excerpts within the scope of their reporting.


In addition to lectures and workshops as groups or individuals, you can also help shape the larger social program. As a virtual assembly, you can create space for community content, projects, workshops and installations. Please see our Call for Assemblies.